What Other Photographers are Doing with Their Blogs

I’ve been working on a blogging course being taught online by Darren Rowse www.problogger.net along with over 11,000 other people from around the world. Darren really knows his stuff and I think he has most of us really motivated to take our sites to another level. Certainly I’m keen as I’ve been blogging for a number of years but only recently decided to get serious.

One of the assignments that Darren gave us was to write a list post, something along the lines of what I did on this site “Top 10 Favourite Photography Spots in Southern California” and on my Cowichan Valley Blog “Top Ten Events in the Cowichan Valley“.

A number of other photographers, many of whom are taking this course as well responded to my Top Ten Photography list. What’s interesting about this is how creative and talented they all are. They all have something to say and are doing a good job at it. I have known for years that blogging was the way of the future but after this I’m thinking the future is now.

Here are some examples of what these other photographers are working on:

  • Julie Michelle is a portrait and event photographer working in California and Arizona. Beautiful work, you can see it at her web site www.juliemichelephotography.com
  • Kricia Morris is a very talented wedding and family photographer with a knack for “photographing” the perfect moment. Her site Kricia Morris Photography is well worth the visit whether you are a photographer or looking for a photographer for a special day.
  • Jazzy put together a great list of her top ten photography sites. There are some good ones here, it’s worth a look “My Top Ten Photography Sites
  • Karen at KKH Photos produced a list of “8 Ways To Crank-Up Your Creativity“. There are some really good ideas here for when you get in a rut.
  • Matt Lacey of PSD Essential put together a list of “50 Stunning Photographs of Scotland“. If you ever needed an excuse to go to Scotland look no further. These are stunning images by a number of very talented photographers.
  • Dawn is an amateur photographer that truly enjoys photography and likes to share what she knows and what she produces. She produced a list “3 Photography Tips that Work for Me” that will work for everyone.
  • Michael Nielsen is a photographer based in Denmark. He came up with “My favorite photography sites” which has some intersting links.
  • Lisa Newton has a fantastic site about local travel in the Los Angeles to San Diego corridor. Interesting reading if you’re ever heading to this part of the states. Take a look at Travelin’ Local.
  • Brian’s Photoblog has lots of camera related information and lots of live music. He also has a lizard! Check him out at Brian’s Photoblog.
  • For an interesting article on light read Brad Wiederholt’s piece 10 Surprising Sources of Light For Photographers.

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8 Responses to “What Other Photographers are Doing with Their Blogs”

  1. LisaNewton says:

    Kevin, thanks for the link love. I think photobloggers are coming into their own. Do you also follow DPS?

  2. kevin says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You seem to put the long hours in like I do. True dedication!

    I have poked around the Digital Photography School web site a few times and it looks interesting. I’ve thought that I would write some articles for them to share, I love teaching photography and there are so many people out there that have a real passion for the art.

    One of the crazy ideas I have for my site is to teach online one-on-one courses but I think that’s a little in the future.

  3. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home says:

    Thanks for the link! I need to follow these links and also catch up on my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog assignments! :-)

  4. D. Travis North says:

    I am quite familiar with some of those – especially Lisa Newton’s blog (Aside from the “traveling” aspect, Lisa has a distinct photo journalistic angle). But there are many here I’m not familiar with and I’m glad you posted the list. I’m always on the lookout for new blogs and “co-conspirators” as I like to call my fellow photographers.

    Thanks again.

  5. Terry says:

    You have put a nice list together. I am also enjoying the 31 day course by Darren.

  6. Julie Plevak says:

    Thanks for the link Kevin! Love your work!

  7. kevin says:

    Hi Julie,

    I’m very impressed with your work as well. I admire people that are good at portraiture. While I’ve done some over the years I have never really felt comfortable with it.

  8. Larry "Darkman" Clark says:

    Stumbled upon your site from PB. Thought I would come check out the list…
    I noticed you didn’t have mine on there. :) Anyway will ahve to look over you r site more tomorrow as I am off to bed, and wanted to stop by and say hi. look forward talking more in the near future.
    aka Darkman.
    .-= Larry “Darkman” Clark´s last blog ..Annie Liebovitz – Behind the scenes with Profoto Founder Conny Dufgran =-.

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