Abstract Grasses

Playing a little with the abstract scene I decided to see what grasses would look like shot at a slow shutter speed from a moving vehicle. Many of the images didn’t work particularly well but I do like the movement in this one.

Abstract Grasses

Abstract Grasses

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4 Responses to “Abstract Grasses”

  1. Karen says:

    Nice idea, I like the colors and the movement. Reminds me of a painting.

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks Karen,

    It is very painterly. A technique to explore a little.

  2. Lynn Wiles says:

    I hope you weren’t driving while shooting.

    kevin Reply:

    Hi Lynn,

    Actually I was driving, pretty crazy? Shooting the images was pure luck in that I had the camera on auto focus and pointed it out the window. No chance to look at a viewfinder, just photographed whatever was out there! That’s part of the reason many images were pretty iffy.

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