And You Thought the Pandas Were Cute!

Iguana that's cuter than a PandaI photographed these good looking Desert Iguanas earlier today at the Coachella Valley Preserve. Pretty cool looking lizards. Some good infomation is at Desert Iguanas Info.

Close up of the Iguana

Close up of the Iguana

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2 Responses to “And You Thought the Pandas Were Cute!”

  1. AE Nash says:

    Nice Dipsosaurus dorsalis — The close-up is a great pic of defensive posturing.

    –AE Nash

  2. kevin says:

    Thanks for the comment. I only wish the focus were a little forward on his head, boy these guys can move quickly. We also watched an iguana doing push-ups? I’m assuming this was a mating ritual? as he was with another iguana, likely a female.

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