BC Ferries – How many photographs is enough?

When you spend a good portion of your life riding ferries to and from other islands you grow accustomed to photographing ferries as well. The ferries around the world do tend to be quite photogenic, at least if you are interested in boats. The British Columbia ferries serve some of the most beautiful islands in the world as well. I’m beginning to wonder how many photographs of ferries one really needs however. If I query my database for “bc ferries” I end up viewing 2,535 images shot in the past 4 years. This is a serious selection of British Columbia Ferry images. Maybe it’s time to publish a calendar or put together a specific web site with these images. Next year it will be 4,000 photos, then…

The Queen of Nanaimo at Village Bay on Mayne Island

The Queen of Nanaimo at Village Bay on Mayne Island

The Skeena Queen leaving Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island.

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3 Responses to “BC Ferries – How many photographs is enough?”

  1. Ann says:

    I would buy multiple copies of a ferries calendar. My husband is very interested in the BC ferries and is even a moderator on a discussion forum for the ferries of BC.

  2. kevin says:

    I’ve been thinking of a ferries calendar for the past year. Look for one later this summer. They sure are beautiful boats and work in likely the most stunning area in the world. What is the discussion board that your husband is invloved in?

  3. Deepu Mann says:

    i’ve been on these ferries before, i never seen the calender

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