Beer, Hot Sauce and Coffee

There’s a small joke in my “extended family” that there are three food groups in my life. These are, beer, hot sauce and coffee. While I’m not sure that I could exist forever on just these products they do tend to provide a healthy amount of my Christmas and birthday presents.

Every year when we head south we end up stopping at Granzella’s located in Williams just north of Sacramento. This cool store, pub and hotel is in the middle of olive country, certainly a good enough reason to roll in and sample some of their exquisite offerings. Olives stuffed with peppers, olives stuffed with garlic, you name it and they likely have an olive stuffed with it.

Whoop Ass Hot Sauce at Granzella's

Whoop Ass Hot Sauce at Granzella's

Fortunately they also have an interesting selection of hot sauce, many of which are designed to “kick your senses big time”, exactly what I look for. A reasonable number of small brewery beers are available for any possible moments of overkill and they do have locally roasted coffee. All three food groups under one roof, not bad.

This place is worth a visit and having stayed at the hotel a few years ago and had a few meals over the years I can honestly give it 5 stars, even though this isn’t a review.

Beers at Granzella's

Beers at Granzella's

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