Best Photographs of 2010

It’s always hard to come up with a top 10 list or a best photographs list but as this idea seems to be a common theme I thought it might be prudent to join in the fun.

Deciding what is the best for a certain period is always a challenge? What defines “best”?; Is it my personal favourites? The photographs that created the largest buzz? The images that brought in the most income!!! What is perhaps the hardest part is to sort through the approximately 35,000 photos that I shot (a little easier with the DAM software I use) and make decisions. I grabbed my coffee and got to work.

As is generally the case my photography this past year ranged from personal artistic work to travel, sports, macro and countless events of one sort or another. A few unexpected subjects came up as well, riots in Spain being one. On another note, I realized how little landscape and nature photography I did this year, a type of photography I love and will be doing seriously again when I travel this spring. Here we go in no particular order and with no particular subjects. Ten photos from 2010, not necessarily the best but a cross section of what I photographed, what moved me and others that are just because!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2011

Calendar Photo – We all know what calendar photos should look like, blue skies, a little snow… Shot yesterday while waiting for a ferry.

Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia

Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia

Celebration – Always something to celebrate!

Fireworks, Ladysmith Festival of Lights

Action Photo – Generally action for me is sports of some sort. This year was a little different!

September protests in Paris

September protests in Paris

Cool Mushroom – Very cool and very tasty!

Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis radicata)

Candid Photograph – Another beautiful French women

Vive la France!

Cemetery Photo – Faithful readers know that I enjoy photographing cemeteries (see Searching for Cemeteries)

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Music – Always exciting, difficult lighting conditions, good for the soul

Tequila Mokingbird Orchestra, Islands Folk Festival 2010

Reflections – Been done before, will be done again



Getting dirty – I always try to get involved when it gets dirty whether it’s mud being thrown up by motorcycles or being sprayed with water on a hot summer day. Not good for the lenses but…

Islands Folk Festival 2010

Pushing the limits – No light, no tripod, high ISO

Eglésia de Betlem, Barcelona, Spain

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    15 Responses to “Best Photographs of 2010”

    1. kevin says:

      Thanks Carolyn,

      Have a wonderful New Years!

    2. Kay Davies says:

      Love your photos, but I’m partial to the first one, which has it all — Horseshoe Bay (one of my favourite places) with snow on the mountains, and the requisite boats and gulls. Gorgeous.
      I had to google the cauliflower mushroom. It’s beautiful. Don’t suppose they’re available in supermarkets in Alberta. Could probably find it in Chinatown next time I fly home to Vancouver to visit the mob.
      We’re going to France in the spring, so was very interested in your photos. Staying near the Spanish border, and your last photo reminds me how much we loved Barcelona.
      SO hard to decide on a “best”, isn’t it?
      — K

      Kay, Alberta, Canada
      An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
      .-= Kay Davies´s last blog ..WEVE LOOKED AT CLOUDS FROM BOTH SIDES NOW =-.

    3. Benikos says:

      Happy and Healthy new year 2011!!!

    4. Eaglesbrother says:

      Great selection of photographs…I too think the first one is one of my favorites…although all are pretty Great!!

      Have a Happy Photography New Year.
      .-= Eaglesbrother´s last blog ..Continuing Hawk- Photo Experiments =-.

    5. Ewok says:

      Two thumbs up on this post. Whew, those are spectacular shots. Can’t choose a fave.

      Happy New Year.
      .-= Ewok´s last blog ..Sky Watch 122- 2010 Another Year of Skywatching =-.

    6. Tricia says:

      Really cool shots!

      Happy SWF & Happy Happy New Year! =)
      .-= Tricia´s last blog ..Sky Watch Friday – Killer Sunset =-.

    7. Joyce M says:

      Collection of photos are wonderful. Happy New Year.
      Joyce M
      .-= Joyce M´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday – Season 4- Episode 25 =-.

    8. Bram says:

      Beautiful SkyWatch posting!
      thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

      Thanks for your visits and comments in the past Year.
      I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

      Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,
      Regards, Bram

      My SkyWatch on WordPress

      Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 25
      .-= Bram´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday- Season 4- Episode 25 =-.

    9. Jidhu Jose says:

      nice shots.

      happy new year
      .-= Jidhu Jose´s last blog ..Blogger Interview 9 – Sandy Hiyaa =-.

    10. Pixellicious Photos says:

      Lovely captures!! The view in the first one and the portrait of the beautiful lady are amazing!!

      Pixellicious Photos wishes you a very happy new year!!
      .-= Pixellicious Photos´s last blog ..School at Assolna- Goa =-.

    11. LaVoice says:

      What a beautiful show taking us back through some of the interesting things of 2010. Wonderful job on all the sights.
      .-= LaVoice´s last blog ..Sky Watch New Years Eve =-.

    12. Laurie On The Prairie says:

      I wasn’t planning to love so many of your photos but I do … each and every one. Especially waiting for the ferry and the candles. Happy New Year. xoxo.
      .-= Laurie On The Prairie´s last blog ..Eve Of The New Year – 2011 =-.

    13. greg urbano says:

      great shots all, but i like the musician shot at the festival!

    14. kevin says:

      Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope you had a great New Year. I’ll take a look at your blogs.

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