Corn Stalks and Birds

This isn’t an amazing photo but it’s still kind of cool. I’ve driven by these fields for the past few weeks and even though they are being flooded with the rain right now, last years corn stalks continue to poke through. An interesting abstract of the Cowichan.

Corn stalks and a few birds, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Corn stalks and a few birds, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

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2 Responses to “Corn Stalks and Birds”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    I beg to differ from you, I think it is an amazing photo. There’s something magical & surreal in it and it really begs one to look and wonder.

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks Lynn,

    I certainly have to revisit these as many of the farms have last years corn stalks poking through. Definitely interesting!

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