Desert Girls

Desert Girls, do you see a theme here? After producing my French Girls series I’ve been keeping my eyes open for similar themes while travelling. A few observations though, there aren’t many French girls in Canada and the US, I guess this isn’t unexpected and, North Americans seem to not expose women in the same way. I think it gets down to a more conservative view that North American’s have in regards to nudity and sexuality.

Desert Girl

Desert Girl

We went to the Thursday night market in Palm Springs. Unlike the French markets there weren’t stalls with sexy lingerie fluttering in the breeze and posters of beautiful women on every lamp post but I did stumble across this fabulous lit up gal at a stall selling stick on tattoos, only in America! I also came across a cowgirl in a bizarre fake western town called Pioneertown, left over from a 1946 movie set started in part by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. I think that someone figures that maybe someday someone might actually want to visit the town but from what I can tell it’s become a non-event surrounded by some very nice homes and ranches.

This got me thinking that there might be more interesting desert girls out in the region. This place is very strange with a weird alternative culture that seems to influence it. Close to Los Angeles, far enough away that you can be yourself…. Stay tuned as I start the search.

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  1. Dave Blackey says:

    Nice work. I really like the light on the model. Dave

  2. Elisha Toussaint says:

    I love all kinds of tattoos! These are some of my favorites. Thanx

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