Diesel Fried Chicken, Texas Style

This is my first real visit to Texas as I don’t consider flying through Houston a real visit. Heading south from El Paso there are long stretches of nothing, brown grass and more nothing. This isn’t to say that the landscape isn’t pretty but maybe it’s just not my style.

Around lunch time I decided to buy a “Five Star Map” of Texas to try and figure out where I was in this huge state. While there is nothing special about this map other than the massive white and black bull on the cover I immediately noted that huge states like Texas really need huge maps and this map was really designed for normal states like Oregon or Idaho. The area covered is so large that the font size has to be really small to fit all the information in. At least one item is small in this grand state.

Getting back to eating as it was lunch time, I pulled up behind this establishment in some town, Texas. I couldn’t read the map easily courtesy of the small fonts but at least I was in a big town with big fonts, Van Horn. I finally knew where I was! This establishment looked like a auto repair garage of some sort but they also have diesel fried chicken for lunch. I passed!

Diesel Fried Chicken, Van Horn, Texas

Diesel Fried Chicken, Van Horn, Texas

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  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    Oh yum, add a little diesel to my chicken.

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