E-Book Review – Seattle’s Top Photo Spots

Seattle's Top Photo Spots by Shutter Tours

Seattle's Top Photo Spots by Shutter Tours - Click image for more information

Seattle’s Top Photo Spots

I have been privileged over the decades to have spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest’s jewel city of Seattle. While most of my time in Seattle has been for pleasure (read Mariner’s games, Mexican food and visiting relatives) I have done my share of photography as well. With a trip to Seattle coming up in the foreseeable future I was thrilled to get my hands on a new electronic book, Seattle’s Top Photo Spots published by Shutter Tours.

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As a background for this book review, Shutter Tours is the creation of award winning professional photographer Terry Divyak. He has an interesting concept; while you are visiting Seattle let him or one of his professional team give you a tour of Seattle only the way a photographer could. In other words, learn photography while visiting some of the most interesting sites that Seattle has to offer. This e-book is an extension of this concept providing valuable information that both amateur and professional photographers require to get the most out of their Seattle experience.

Like many big cities Seattle has the iconic scenic views and cultural activities that draw both locals, visitors and in increasing numbers, photographers. Certainly we have all seen photographs of the impressive Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier looming in the background shot from Kerry Park. How often have we seen photographs of Pike Place Market and the Space Needle? Now, have you discovered the troll sculpture under the Fremont Bridge or perhaps the gum wall? I certainly have heard of some of these out of the way places but never made the effort to visit them. Seattle’s Top Photo Spots covers over twenty five of the most interesting photo locations in the city from well known landmarks to the “it only happens in Seattle” locations.

Seattle's Top Photo Spots by Shutter Tours

Seattle's Top Photo Spots by Shutter Tours

Seattle’s Top Photo Spots offers detailed information specifically for photographers, as an example; If you want a nice unobstructed view of Seattle’s first skyscraper, the Smith Tower, they recommend you go to the intersection of 2nd and S. Jackson St. on the southern side of the building and one of the best bird’s eye views of Seattle is from the Bank of America Tower. Want to photograph the gum wall? Try to get there very early before the crowds arrive at 10:00 AM. This is the type of information that can take days to figure out on your own and is often difficult to find.

As a bonus, photo tips are located with each of the over twenty five locations providing a tip specific to what you are observing. On shooting the fish ladder at the Ballard Locks; “When shooting the spawning salmon, press your lens all the way onto the glass, to eliminate the light reflections from the viewing area”. An excellent tip for better photos! For users of the internet each location has Google Maps Links and Flickr Photo Links as well. It’s pretty cool to see what other photographers have done with the same subject, an approach I often use when setting out on an assignment. A little history thrown in, tips on parking and good restaurants and all beautifully illustrated with excellent photography. Time to head back to Seattle!

If you are heading to Seattle or perhaps live there and want to enjoy Seattle from a photography perspective with a professional photographer visit Shutter Tours.

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