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Fridays tend to be a slow down day for me in many respects as I try to finish up the week by dealing with any editorial deadlines that might exist. Friday is also a planning day for the photography side of my business as I make plans for the weekend shoots and travels.

To be honest, I generally prefer to shoot during the week as the trails and parks aren’t as crowded and you have a better chance of working alone. You wouldn’t believe how frustrating and distracting it can be when everyone wants to know what you’re shooting and “do you work for a newspaper?” No I don’t by the way!

Weekends are when events take place and most weekends find me wandering around at least one if not two events. Many of these are low-key winery tours or something similar but as summer approaches they turn into 3 day music or boat festivals with an amazing amount of coordination and time required to cover all the bases.

That generally leaves Fridays as a slow shooting day so what better than to look back at many of my favourite photography locations. I’m planning on doing this every Friday and the locations may be local or somewhere overseas. Let the journey begin!

Aerial Photograph of Sidney Spit, British Columbia, Canada

Aerial Photograph of Sidney Spit, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. LisaNewton says:

    LOL……It’s funny, Friday’s can often be my bestest day, just due to several events might be going on. In know, this upcoming Friday, I have at least 2, maybe 3 events I’ll be attending.

    Yupp, Fridays can be fun.

    I agree with your thoughts about less crowded. I often visit high traffic areas during the week for just this reason. However, sometimes I like the crowds, or should I say the crowd likes the camera.

    It’s totally up to the location.

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