Fishing on the Willamette River, Oregon

A few days away from the photo a day, I guess I’ll have to rewrite the rules a little! Cherie, Sima and I have hit the road after long days of putting projects to sleep and crazily attempting to finish up a few photography projects.

Presently I am down in Oregon City while I slowly work my way down into Arizona and southern New Mexico. I have many photography plans and ideas that I’ll be working on in the next while, one of these to get back to the photo a day routine once again. My new rule is; if I can’t manage to get a photo online due to travel commitments I won’t sweat it too much. Everyone deserves a break.

As a side note for this image, I just purchased a used 90mm f2.8 Tamron macro lens (officially the name is Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1,  how is that for a mouthful?) and this is one of the first images I have shot with it while exploring the capabilities. Yes, I know it’s not a macro but that will come. First impressions are very favourable. I shot about 100 images, all hand held and sharpness appears to be what the reviews promise; very sharp. I’ll be doing a full review soon once I’m in the warm land.

Fishing on the Willamette River, Oregon

Fishing on the Willamette River, Oregon

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3 Responses to “Fishing on the Willamette River, Oregon”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    Hmm, I only use my macro lens for macros. Curious why you are using it for long shots, although it has worked well. As far as traveling and keeping up with a blog, wordpress lets you schedule posts so no one needs to know that you are away.

    kevin Reply:

    Hi Lynn,

    I generally don’t use macro lenses for long shots but one of my plans in the next few weeks is to compare macro lenses against my usual zoom lenses. My guess is that the macro lenses will be quite a bit sharper and have far less distortion, primarily due to having been designed for one focal length only. Where I expect the macro lenses to lose out is on focusing speed where my high end zooms are much quicker.

    The image above has very impressive sharpness at 100%.

    I have thought about scheduling posts, will likely be doing this as my internet access is going to be very iffy in the next 6 weeks.

    Lynn Wiles Reply:

    I’ll have to give my macro a try for distance, but I’m still smitten with my new high end telephoto zoom.

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