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Friends that know me well always expect me to come home from a trip with ideas about interesting properties to purchase in exotic locations. Fortunately none of them have ever listened to me and my wife doesn’t either so for the good or bad I don’t own any luxury resorts or tropical island properties.

This trip has been no different. Bargains are to had in the Coachella Valley communities with quite nice mobile homes available for $29,995 and up. That sounds like $30,000 dollars to me. Repossesed houses aren’t much more and seem to be growing on trees. Unfortunately living in the desert during the summer isn’t my idea of a perfect time. Temperatures here routinely hit 115 degrees (that’s 46 degrees for the Canadian folks) and sand storms require you to replace your cars windshield on a regular basis.

With this in mind I got thinking about where one might want to invest in this valley. A quick sales note, the Coachella Valley is the quickest growing area in Southern California. What better place to look than next to a huge lake. There are deals to be had and while I can’t reveal the exact location where I shot these images (to protect my potential investments from investment sharks) I can say that this development is somewhere on the Salton Sea. “Salton sounds like salt” you are asking? Yes sir, this is a true salt lake with a few types of fish living in it. Also of interest is there have been over 200 earthquakes and aftershocks at the sea in the past week and a bit. A great place for adventure seekers and the sun comes out 360 days a year.

Have I caught your interest? This development caught my eye for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a beach, in fact the name of the town has Beach in it. That’s a very good start for someone that likes boating. Secondly, there is a marina – Salton Sea Marina. What more could you ask for? A beach, a marina and a few fish! Excellent! As an added bonus there are a few wineries located close by, the fresh dates are amazing and if you need a high class fix Palm Springs is only about 45 minutes away.

I found a few properties of interest and even looked at a couple boats while I was touring around. I figure a couple thousand and you are in, moorage included. Please comment if you would like more inoformation about this new (used) community. It’s a hot one.

Salton Sea - For Sale By Owner

Salton Sea - For Sale By Owner

Used Boat at the Salton Sea

Used Boat at the Salton Sea

Street in downtown Salton Sea

Street in downtown Salton Sea

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