France in Black and White

I shot a number of photographs today but I really don’t think they will be of much interest to most people. For this reason I have revisited some images from France that are visibly more pleasing than floor joists in my boat.

I’ve been looking through images the past few weeks with a renewed interest in the artistic side of photography. Like so many photographers that started out in the 60’s I primarily shot black and white for years, only with the occasional foray into colour. This changed somewhat when I started shooting stock images and switched over to Kodachrome although for many years I continued to shoot large format black and white scenics for exhibiting in galleries.

Trees and Birds, Baye, France

Trees and Birds, Baye, France

With the switch to digital the whole concept of working with black and white imagery has changed with a huge amount of control over tonal ranges and dodging and burning. In some ways this is easier now as a mistake can be changed quickly in Photoshop; in other ways the challenges of the darkroom and no two prints alike have unfortunately vanished.

From viewing other photographers work I realize I have a steep learning curve ahead of me but I hope I’m up to the task. These images are very simple conversions made by selecting channels rather than creating masks and other tricks.

Eglise Saint-Etienne, Nevers, France

Eglise Saint-Etienne, Nevers, France

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2 Responses to “France in Black and White”

  1. Karen says:

    Two more great photos. I like the tree best, the way those birds kind of balance the image. Well done. I must do more black and white.

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks Karen,

    My favourite is the tree as well. I’m planning on working with black and white quite a bit on my upcoming trip, makes me feel young again!

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