Geese have the right idea!

I know most of my blog viewers live in climates that provide for sensable weather during the winter months. My stats tell me this. Well, up in the big Canadian north we have a real winter. I can’t complain as I live in the islands of British Columbia off Vancouver and Victoria but it still does get cold. We have already had frost and the odd snowfall will come. The plus side is that we have weather. My brother (we are from Southern California) once said about this area, “you have weather, back home it’s always the same”. Well, I love fall as you have seen from previous posts but would happily spend my winters in far off destinations such as Asia or Costa Rica. Hell, I’m even heading back to California for a month or so to warm up this year,

Are you tired of the high cost of airline flights? These folks do it every year for free, can’t beat that.

Canada Geese heading south

Canada Geese heading south

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  1. Pat Crossley says:

    Totally dreamy.


  2. gerald mckeating says:

    Hey Kevin, just finished reviewing some of your photo pages. Images look really good and you show an excellent eye no matter what the subject. Keep it up.

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