I was asked “what is your workflow?”

I gave a talk at the University of Victoria this past weekend and of the many questions that were asked, one I always find very difficult to answer. Unfortunately it’s a very common question as well. Variations of this question¬†are: “What do you do with all your photographs? or,¬†How do you keep them organized? or, Do you keep them organized? and occasionally; I know you are very well organized but how do you get the images from the camera to the publisher?

This always gets me thinking, partly because my workflow is in constant change like almost everything else in this digital age and partly because everyone has their own system that works or perhaps doesn’t work. I thought it might be prudent to review my system with you. Feel free to agree, disagree, learn or totally ignore this post. I’m always open for advice as well.

I’m embarking on a small series of articles with a few updates a week discussing these ideas and the workflow that I’m presently using. Stay tuned!

Update: I have added the first article, Kevin’s Digital Photography History

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2 Responses to “I was asked “what is your workflow?””

  1. Jon says:

    Great idea Kevin. I’d definitely like to read about the method you use for a controlled vocabulary and how it influences the efficiency of searching & finding photos in your archives.

    ps. there’s a double ‘do you’ in the first paragraph

  2. kevin says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for catching the double “do you” in the post. It always amazes me how often I can read and re-read a post but still miss something. It’s a little like publishing books where you catch an error after the first 5,000 copies are printed, at least with web sites and blogs changes are easy.

    I’m hoping to have my first post addressing some of these questions up later tonight. Keywording is coming, a love hate relationship!

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