Interstate 5 and Safety in Numbers

What a trip. We just headed down to California for a well needed break. In our rush to get down to Sky Valley in sunny Southern California we drove most of the way on Interstate 5, the main connector between Northern Washington and Southern California. Driving I-5 is nothing out of the ordinary for most of the trip, in fact it’s quite pleasant until you reach Sacramento. At this point the freeway widens to 4 lanes and all hell breaks loose. There seems to be a need to get to Los Angeles as quickly as possible with the added thrill of not getting a speeding ticket. I guess this prepares you for Disneyland.

The speed limit tends to be 70mph for most of the trip but packs of cars come along at 80mph or more, a little like a school of fish so maybe I should call them schools of cars instead. The school of fish example works well as there is safety in numbers. If you are within the middle of a school your chances of getting stopped by the California Highway Patrol are very much reduced. I spent about 1 hour in a school doing 80mph, watching cars join in and leave over this period while the core group kept together. At one point a second school approached form behind at 90mph and our school merged and increased our speed to match. Fascinating stuff.

We made it in almost record time and to wonderfully warm weather of 31 degrees, can’t get much better than that. A few photos from our new temporary home:

Sky Valley, Southern California

Sky Valley, Southern California

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