Joshua Trees and Lizards

I haven’t spent much time in Joshua Tree National Park for about 30 years. Having grown up in Pasadena (Los Angeles), Joshua Tree was often a quick escape from the smog and traffic of the City of Angels. You have to feel sorry for any angels that might still live there as every time I pass through I dislike the area more and more. Fortunately Joshua Tree National Park really hasn’t changed that much although the surrounding area has.

The whole Palm Springs area to the west is now an urban jungle with gated communities sheltering everyone from something. Most of these folks don’t seem to be interested in exploring the surrounding countryside unless it includes 18 holes, a few fake lakes and possibly a casino. This is good!

I spent yesterday exploring Joshua Tree starting at the southern entrance and heading north to Twentynine Palms. This was purely to become aware of what was in bloom, which areas should be photographed at what time of day and to get the photo gears back in action. I shot a few snapshots and made many mental notes for projects in the next month. Whether I actually accomplish any of these time will tell.

The wildflowers are beginning to bloom now and look as though they will be spectacular in the next few weeks. I guess this trip was good timing, or was it good planning? Anyway, to whet your appetite a few images from my exploration with a hint of things to come. Hopefully the lighting will be better as I get serious about work.

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

Lizard at Joshua Tree National Park

Lizard at Joshua Tree National Park

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