I have spent 30 years capturing aerial, commercial, magazine and fine art images. My combination of experience and logistical skills has enabled me to become a productive assignment photographer.

I am currently accepting assignments for:

  • Commercial photography
  • Editorial photography
  • Travel photography

On Assignment

Whether capturing commercial, editorial or travel images, I focus on work that is both creative and efficient. I always strive to create the light, texture and mood his clients seek to produce stunning images.

My photographs are shot with high-end professional digital cameras and are processed by a complete digital studio that’s tuned to today’s demanding needs for rapid image acquisition and transmission.

Our Digital Studio

The ever-evolving world of digital image production requires not only technical finesse with a camera but with a computer as well. With years of technical photo production and computer programming experience, my competence in the studio ensures that all my images are closely scrutinized and of excellent quality.

After the Shoot

Keeping cost and efficiency in mind, the typical workflow following a shoot is:

  • I do a light edit that removes obvious outtakes and test shots.
  • I post a web gallery, with an additional link to download images if offline viewing is preferred, where all involved parties can review images.
  • Client reviews and selects images.
  • I perform raw conversion, color balancing and any necessary adjustments for the selected images.
  • DVD and contact sheet of selected images are delivered to client.
  • Upon request, files can be posted for download to meet deadlines.
  • Client’s files are stored in my archives for safekeeping.
  • Client may choose additional images at a later time if necessary.

Our Fees

  • Photography Fee: Editorial or commercial day rate plus expenses (travel, supplies, model fees, etc.) are billed at $125/hr
  • Post-Production Fee: My digital image processing fee is billed at $75/hr. This fee includes file transfer, editing, image processing, web posting and CD/DVD burn.
  • Custom Image Edits: Client requested image editing, composing or photo edits are also billed at $75/hr.