Licensing Information

Stock Photo Pricing

The price of a stock photo is based on how the image will be used, not on the image you are using.

Licensing Rights

When one of my images is purchased for commercial use, I provide information that states the rights you are buying on the invoice. Here are some licensing rights that affect the cost:

Size of Use:
The larger the image, the more it costs. This is measured by the size of the printed image or, if it’s a digital image, the size in MB. For example: a 20×30 poster will cost more than an 8×10 poster.

Distribution: Distribution in North America will cost less than worldwide distribution.

* Image Placement: Interior images cost less than cover images, even if the images are the same size.
* Circulation and Print Run: The larger the circulation of a publication or the print run of an item (posters, calendars, etc.), the more the image will cost.
* Exclusive Rights: Exclusive use of an image will cost more because no one else will be able to buy and use this image.
* Non-Exclusive Rights: The same image you licence may be licenced to someone else for the same or other uses. Non-exclusive use costs less than exclusive rights.
* Period of Use: You can licence an image for a specific period of usage—the longer the period, the higher the cost.
* Unlimited Use: If you need unlimited use of an image, please contact me.