Live Music – Pushing photography to the limit

Santa Lucia, Islands Folk Festival 2010

Santa Lucia, Islands Folk Festival 2010

I spend much of my time during the summer photographing musicians and listening to live music and while I find photography a distraction in some ways (it’s hard to listen to music seriously while doing photography seriously) I have managed to work around this. I try to shoot quickly so that I can get the images I want within a few songs. This way I’m free to enjoy much of the concert without having to concentrate on the business side and, as a bonus to the audience I’m not in their way! They pay for the opportunity to hear music and directly support the musicians.

It’s also important to become very competent at shooting in these extreme conditions; this is where practice comes in. A few years ago I wrote a post about this, Learning from Past Lessons – Concert Photography. It’s worth looking at again.

Afro Mumanzi

Afro Mumanzi

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  1. daverave says:

    fantastic Afro Mumanzi shot. Did the group see your work? Really enjoy your daily photo posts

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