Living in Caves, Granada, Spain

With our arrival planned for Granada, Spain in a weeks time I took it upon myself to find suitable accommodation. My usual method of finding accommodation is on the internet and once again a search turned up some interesting options, not your boring everyday gorgeous old Spanish hotel but caves!

Authorized vehicles only

“Wow, they have caves for rent by the night” I mentioned to Cherie. It would be ultra cool to stay in a cave, after all, how often do you get the opportunity to pamper yourself? I have slept in straw huts, on a blanket under the stars in the middle of a desert, in my sports car, numerous boats, small tents, large tents and under logs but…. never in a cave. To my surprise Cherie agreed if I could line something up. This was somewhat surprising since she’s claustrophobic. A few emails later and all was set.

Our arrival in Granada was uneventful after a pleasant drive up from Malaga. Finding our cave was another story! This was my first experience driving a car in the narrow streets of a centuries old town. One way streets turned into one way streets until you came to a blocked off intersection. Parking was impossible and we didn’t have a map. Fortunately the Spanish are very friendly and after driving in a circle for an hour we were helped by a charming women at a hotel that spoke little English (and we speak little Spanish!) but had a translating program on her computer as well as a map of the area. No problemo, only problem being is we were heading across the town on a road open only to taxis, public transportation and authorized vehicles with gates that can apparently close on you if you don’t have permission! It must have been our lucky day as we emerged at the other end of town and headed into Sacromonte.

Sacromonte derives its name from the nearby Sacromonte Abbey which was founded in 1600 on the hill of Valparaiso outside the old city. There are numerous cave dwellings in the area and we were excited to finally make it to our luxury cave. We were suitably impressed. These particular caves were surprisingly bright considering that they have few windows and were tastefully tiled and plastered. Washroom, kitchen, a sitting area and a bedroom were all we needed. A beautiful garden area and overhead porch were available as well. Pretty cool, literally. I gather these caves stay at a pleasant temperature year round.

Would we go back?  Heck, in this part of the world caves have Wi-Fi and microwave ovens! Being a caveman wouldn’t be too bad. If you really need a fix you can even buy your groceries in a cave. Is this what it was like 20,000 years ago?

Fancy staying in a cave yourself? Visit Las Cuevas El Abanico

Granada itself is a charming town with many fascination places to visit including The Alhambra. I’ll follow up later.

Caveman Super Market

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