Major updates to my blog!

I’m in the process of making some major design changes to my blog. What you can’t see is the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. This allows far better flexibility and a far cleaner work area for me. That part of the change went surprisingly smoothly although I sure was nervous. What you will see is this blog bouncing around between the old version and the new version. I expect there will be a good day of fiddling before it comes close to resembling the rest of my site. In the meantime, please continue to post and pretend that nothing is really happening here.

UPDATE: This update went far smoother than I had expected and overall I think the blog looks OK. Still a little tweaking to do and I’m trying to figure out a cleaner way to get back into my main photography site. What do you think, does it work?

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2 Responses to “Major updates to my blog!”

  1. J. Gracey Stinson says:

    Just wanted to say the design here is nice and clean – like the navigation as well. Noticed your post today in the forums for WordPress and nobody answered you so I thought I’d give you my 2cents :)

    Nice blog.

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks Grace, appreciate your comment about my blog. I’m still playing with it a little but right now it seems to work fairly well with my site.

    I visited your blog quickly and will return. It looks like you have some great things to look at and read!

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