Maple Trees through Ford F150 Window

How is that for a title? I figured “Trees through window” was pretty lame although this isn’t much better. As an experiment I’ll see whether this photo turns up on Google in a few weeks when you search for Ford F150 windows. I’m sure it won’t be what people are looking for!

A wet day today but I took a little inspiration from Lynn Wiles who shoots many abstract images, even from the comfort of her car. See Wet View.

Sitting in my truck and watching the rain pour down I photographed the maple trees in my driveway. I think it was the only time I was truly dry today!

Maple Trees through Ford F150 Window

Maple Trees through Ford F150 Window

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2 Responses to “Maple Trees through Ford F150 Window”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    Thanks for the credit Kevin, sometimes the windshield can be a fascinating place.

  2. kevin says:

    I’ll be looking at mine tomorrow morning for a while. Too cold here so lots of frost. I know I shouldn’t complain but we aren’t used to it.

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