(micro)STOCK – From Passion to Paycheck by Nicole S. Young

MicroStock - From Passion to Paycheck

MicroStock - From Passion to Paycheck

(micro)STOCK – From Passion to Paycheck by Nicole S. YoungeBook Review

Microstock must be one of the more controversial stock imagery models around with many professional photographers arguing that the selling of inexpensive images (often as low as $1) has eroded the payouts from the more expensive rights managed markets. I’m a photographer that tends to agree with this and sell my work only through rights managed agencies. That being said however, if I require an image for a web site that I’m developing often I can purchase the image for far less than what it would cost me to produce the image and I have done this on occasion.

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(micro)STOCK – From Passion to Paycheck looks at the world of microstock in detail. Interestingly, much of what Nicole discusses also applies to rights managed work as well so this eBook will be of interest to anyone who has thought about making money from the stock photography industry. Is making money from stock imagery easy? absolutely not but this book at least might give you hope!

MicroStock - From Passion to Paycheck

MicroStock - From Passion to Paycheck

This jam-packed guide discusses the production, managing, and marketing of your photographs for digital distribution to the micro-stock market. There is a lot more to stock photography than uploading a bunch of pictures and hoping for the best.

Nicole shares her industry experience and knowledge to help you better navigate the rules, procedures, and best practices to creating quality, useful imagery for the micro-stock market. She explains how to build and deliver on a successful portfolio concept, takes the mystery out of the different types of stock, like rights-managed (RM) and royalty-free (RF), and shares the ins/outs of licensing and releases.

Four successful stock photographers are interviewed which illustrates how other photographers are making the microstock photography model work for them. If you’re looking to grow your revenue through digital sales then building a successful micro-stock business is a great way to do it! This book is an excellent primer.

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