Mitchell Kanashkevich – Journey Through Java

Travel photographers often find themselves in interesting dilemmas when preparing for overseas trips to faraway countries? Among these are the unknown, ranging from potential communication issues to unfamiliarity with the terrain and local customs. How will I travel? Where will I stay? From an equipment perspective unknowns surface as well; how many cameras should I take? How many lenses and what focal lengths? Tripod?

Every photographer has a different way of dealing with this and every location has a different set of complex requirements. Often we don’t know if we were really properly prepared until it’s too late and the trip has begun but trip preparation can lessen the possibility of problems arising and open up the country after your arrival.
Mitchell Kanashkevich’s Journey Through Java, the fifth book published by Craft and Vision in their The Print & The Process Series addresses many of these fundamental decisions that need to be made.

Journey through Java is masterfully illustrated in a way that only a photographer completely in touch with his/her surroundings can accomplish. Mitchell describes his travel preparations in detail starting with a desire to apply himself to learning some Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia, as a way to gain access and connect with the country and its’ people. While taking on this challenge for many would be daunting it is what made much of his photographic essay possible.

Not getting burdened down by equipment is important for Mitchell and shows that becoming part of the travel experience and culture is much more important than the equipment that we carry. Mitchell took a Canon 5D, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and a 20mm f/1.8 Sigma lens. A Canon 580EXII flash with the Canon infrared receiver completed the package with small tripod purchased towards the end of the trip. As Mitchell generally travels with his wife he had an additional Canon camera and longer zoom available as well when needed, a real bonus. Having travelled extensively myself I can highly recommend reading this chapter and paying attention to the “less is more” idea. Nothing is worse than being burdened down by your equipment.

Mitchell’s creative ideas and stories behind the images are a true inspiration for any traveler as well as the traveler with camera in tow. Before heading out on your next trip do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this remarkable book. At only $5 US it will be the least expensive part of your trip. The worst part? After viewing Mitchell’s photographs you will be longing for a trip to Java.

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