Motocross madness

You know summer is really here when the national motocross rolls into town. I haven’t photographed a high speed event like this for quite a few years so was pleasantly surprised at the quality of images that I was able to produce. You have to give credit where it is due however; these new dslr’s are very impressive with tracking focus even when the settings are not perfect.

Hot weather, motocross, girls and lots of flying dirt. Sounds like I had an entertaining day. Monster Energy Motocross Nationals

Nanaimo Wastelands Motocross Nationals

Nanaimo Wastelands Motocross Nationals

Nanaimo Wastelands Moto Girls

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  2. […] years ago I attended the same event (see Motocross madness) in wonderful sunny weather. This year was mostly overcast so I decided to try different […]

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