Nippon Highway

We are used to the odd freighter dropping anchor in our front yard during the winter months but generally they are your regular carriers, nothing too exotic. The Nippon Highway stopped by a few days ago and it didn’t take long to notice the ship. What a wall of steel she is.

A little research on Google shows that the Nippon Highway has the capacity to carry 5,050 cars. I expect it was delivering cars from Japan to Vancouver but I do wonder what sort of cargo it will return with. With today’s gloomy automobile sales I don’t expect the Japanese are buying many Cadillacs and Hummers.

Maybe it will be a fixture in Plumper Sound for the next few years or become an offshore restaurant and pub.

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5 Responses to “Nippon Highway”

  1. Pat Crossley says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just amazing photos of this huge ship. Looking from offshore it looks miniscule but your photo certainly shows how large it really is.
    Colours and setting lovely.

  2. Mike Byrne says:

    Hello Kevin
    I drive by it everyday on my way to Lyall Hbr from Ganges on the school boat. It is now in its fifth week in Plumper Sound. They must be running out (shortly?) of food items. It’s too bad the crew can’t be cleared by Canadian Immigration so they could go ashore for a short while for a change of scenery. If I was part of the crew I would probably being going bonkers by now. It’s different if you’re underway – but in the same place – swinging at anchor???!!!


  3. brendan says:

    why the heck is this huge ugly metal box still sitting in navy channel, cant the US sell anymore cars than this

  4. kevin says:

    During the Gulf War we had a number of freighters that must have spent almost 6 months parked out front in Plumper Sound. I really felt sorry for the crew that must have been going nuts not being able to leave the boat for that length of time.

    It will be interesting to see if this economic chaos has a similar effect.

  5. Constance says:

    I just watched the Nippon Tracker cruise into San Francisco Bay. According to its on its way to Benicia.

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