Organ Pipe Cactus and Mars

One more Organ Pipe Cactus image before heading off to some new territory. The interesting light on this young specimen only lasted a few minutes and was very eerie, looking a little like a Mars landscape with a few strange plants thrown in. Unfortunately no aliens came to visit although the Arizona and New Mexico areas are known for these occurrences. Maybe it looks familiar to them.

Organ Pipe Cactus in a Martian Landscape

Organ Pipe Cactus in a Martian Landscape

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2 Responses to “Organ Pipe Cactus and Mars”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    It does feel very other-worldly Kevin. Great shot.

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks Lynn,

    Arizona has interesting light. I’m in Texas right now and mentioned to Cherie how different the light looks. It’s not as “warm”. I expect this is more due to the colour of the rocks but perhaps the smog levels as well.

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