Cowichan Snow and a Sheltie

We had a good dump of snow last night along with the subsequent power outages and blocked driveway. On the positive side, snow sure looks pretty and our sheltie, Sima, loves to play more in snow than almost anything else in life; except perhaps food! The Cowichan Valley is now a slushy mess as the temperatures have become quite warm in the past 12 hours, at least I have managed to get the vehicles out of our driveway and we have power once again.

I’m always up for practicing my skills with action photography as so much of my professional work involves live events and sports. Sima puts on a great show chasing balls and Frisbees through snow that she can’t walk through. She must have learned her “hop” from the deer that frequent the area. Anyway, excellent photography practice before my busy events schedule begins. You can’t get too much “practice” regardless how much you shoot!

For the technically minded, action photographs are one area where I don’t mind increasing the ISO a little to gain a decent shutter speed, in this case 1/800 @ f4.5. With today’s modern digital cameras there is really no reason not to, in fact often I will use ISO 800 for this type of image and ISO 1,600 for concert photography.

Sima the sheltie playing in the Cowichan snow

Sima the sheltie playing in the Cowichan snow

Walking in the Cowichan slush

Walking in the Cowichan slush

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22 Responses to “Cowichan Snow and a Sheltie”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood says:

    Oh, it does look SO cold, but beautiful! I can see how fun Sima is having and that’s wonderful! Hope you both have a great weekend!

    .-= Sylvia Kirkwood´s last blog ..Sky Watch Friday! =-.

  2. Tricia says:

    Very beautiful, especially your Sheltie, sooo cuuute!!! Have a great SWF! =)
    .-= Tricia´s last blog ..Sky Watch Friday – Cotton Ball Clouds =-.

    kevin Reply:

    She is cute! Has her moments though being young and full of energy.

  3. Brit Gal Sarah says:

    Looks like you are in a snowy wonderland!
    .-= Brit Gal Sarah´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday =-.

  4. Karen says:

    Looks like your sheltie is having fun! Terrific shots
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Winter Beauty – SkyWatch Friday =-.

  5. Kay Davies says:

    The sky still looks ominous in that second photo, but I love the first picture! Shima is a beauty, and I love the idea of her hopping through the snow. I used to have a cat who did that. I think he learned it from one of his buddies, a feral rabbit.
    Super photography! I love the Cowichan Valley!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
    .-= Kay Davies´s last blog ..Sky seen from up there with Island Helicopters- Kauai- Hawaii =-.

    kevin Reply:

    Hi Kay,

    This is a really pretty part of the country but I still enjoy the visits to Alberta. Beautiful country out there.

    Snows almost gone now, back to the rain.

  6. EG Wow, Canada says:

    I love to watch dogs play in the snow! Humans should have their great attitude!
    .-= EG Wow, Canada´s last blog ..N- Alphabe-Thursday =-.

  7. Sally in WA, USA says:

    Wonderful photos, especially the one of Sima romping in the snow. Makes me smile. :)
    .-= Sally in WA, USA´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday – Knoxville Morning =-.

  8. Judy says:

    Sima is a beauty, all right, and you action shot is wonderful! The skies still look ominous in the second shot, but I do not envy you the slush!!!
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday =-.

  9. VioletSky says:

    the snow looks so white, still, even with the slush (can you tell I live in the city where it never stays white for more than a few minutes!)
    .-= VioletSky´s last blog ..veal … and lamb- too =-.

  10. greg urbano says:

    how do you accomplish your white balance, i am working on improving my skills and am thinking about carrying a gray card and then using the wb dropper in adobe raw
    good shots!
    .-= greg urbano´s last blog ..Opa! Greek Sponge Docks &amp Anclote Key =-.

    kevin Reply:

    Hi Greg,

    I often think about carrying a gray card and photographing it quickly as a reference but somehow never do it. Lazy I guess as it does make sense! Almost all of my images are shot on auto white balance with my Nikon D300. I find that most of the time I don’t do any correction, that’s how good the Nikon seems to be in this regard, either that or I just don’t care enough to spend lots of time on each image. If the colour balance is off I tweak the image as needed using Nikon NX2.

  11. l says:

    That first shot is amazing! Love the action – love the dog!
    .-= l´s last blog ..N-ice! =-.

  12. kevin says:

    Thanks all!

    I just got in but will catch up with all of you tomorrow, would love to see what you have put online.

    Sima is a wonderful dog, I just wish she behaved a little better on occasion although she’s still young.

  13. naturegirl says:

    Sima certainly smile tells it much she enjoys her romp in the snow!Winter Fun ..a snowbird waving from the sunny desert!
    .-= naturegirl´s last blog ..Sunkissed =-.

    kevin Reply:

    I’m on my way to Arizona soon, need a little sun!

  14. Laura Hegfield says:

    My dog gets that same happy dog grin when barreling through the snow at top speed…ears, tail and snow flying!
    .-= Laura Hegfield´s last blog ..Wholeheartedness =-.

  15. Bram says:

    beautiful winter photos, like them both

    Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,
    Regards, Bram

    My SkyWatch on WordPress

    Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 27
    .-= Bram´s last blog ..Skywatch Friday- Season 4- Episode 27 =-.

  16. FotoAnna says:

    I love your pictures !!
    The first one is great… ;-)))
    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    .-= FotoAnna´s last blog Lucht the Sky =-.

  17. Shirley says:

    Dogs just know how to make fun in the most extraordinary ways! Excellent action shot!
    .-= Shirley´s last blog ..Favourite Skies =-.

  18. Joyce M says:

    Ohhhh, the sheltie is soooo “cute.”
    Joyce M
    .-= Joyce M´s last blog ..Pink Saturday – January 15- 2011 =-.

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