Toad Hall Emporium, Chemainus

Over the years I have thought about doing a “photo a day” project on my blog and have to admit that I even started once perhaps 8 years ago. While it seems easy to post a photo every day (it is in some ways), actually shooting a photo a day is another story entirely. My attempt 8 years ago lasted perhaps a week. Out of fairness to myself on this subject, blogs didn’t exist then and I had to manually code each page, my internet connection on our small island was iffy at best and probably the likeliest reason for my failure was a lack of subject matter. As much as I believe that you can shoot great images in your backyard try doing this every day for a year! Change is good.

Why try again you might ask? Firstly, it’s a challenge and challenges can be good. Secondly, I’m going to cheat a little and post a photo a day but not necessarily shoot a new photo every day. Yes, I know this is cheating but at least I’m being honest about it! I will try and shoot a photo a day but will resort to other tactics if needed such as using a days shoot to post over a few days. This is going to be somewhat of a necessity with my busy travel schedule and often a lack of internet access for days at a time. I’ll do my best.

On that note, here we go. And yes, this was shot on January 1st 2011.

1 January 2011

We visited Chemainus on Vancouver Island with friends on New Year’s day. Chemainus was amazingly quiet, normally it’s a bustling little town full of tourists visiting the “World Famous Murals” (their words, not mine!). Anyway, a fun day to photograph murals, amusing signs and tacky touristy stuff. This is one good looking frog!

Toad Hall Emporium, Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada

Toad Hall Emporium, Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada

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