Photography, internet access and rain

I’ve been spending the past five days on the southern Oregon coast and the weather has been very seasonal for the area; lots of rain with the added excitement of high winds. On top of this, no internet access! Is this good?

Life isn’t too bad. I used to camp in small tents and once my equipment and I got wet we stayed that way… for weeks! This present trip I am living in a small fifth wheel of 24 feet, not exactly small but by fifth wheel standards we look small. This means we have heat, running water and basically all the comforts of home. My office consists of an old notebook computer with a new 24 inch Samsung monitor. Works well for me as I can shoot photographs and come back “home” to do some editing. As an added bonus, we use the monitor to watch the odd DVD!

Well, here’s what I have been up to this past week, nothing really out of the ordinary but worth a look. They are in an order, not sure exactly what order but it somehow makes sense :

  • Shoot photographs – while the lack of sun takes away some of the possibility of dramatically lit photos there are still possibilities to be had. I spent yesterday afternoon photographing beach details and sand dune details. Mist and heavy rain can also be quite beautiful; remember, not all photos need to be sunny calendar shots.

    Sand and Rock, Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon

  • Research future photographic possibilities – while I tend to carry a small library of research books with me, being without the internet has made me realize how much time I spend on my computer doing research. Whether it’s looking at campground guides or local guidebooks or doing internet research or exploring Google Earth trip planning is important in the pursuit of good photography.  As this trip isn’t planned (the way I enjoy travelling when I have no specific goals) I’ve been looking at maps and books trying to figure out where to go. Once I have the internet I’ll look at other photographers images to confirm some of my thoughts.
  • Go for long walks – whether the photography is good or not I like to go for long walks and wander around new territory. I always shoot photographs regardless of whether they will be prize winners or not. Often I find that certain images although not prize winners will work well within a story and complete the picture.
  • Add descriptions to previously shot images – while this should be done quickly regardless of what the weather is like I always have an easier time of it during the winter and during inclement weather. It sure helps to make notes while the image and location details are fresh in one’s mind and working on this task quickly makes the chore of adding descriptions easier.

    Sand Dunes, Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon

  • Clean abused photography equipment – some folks are particularly fussy about keeping their photo gear immaculate, others are not. I tend to fall in the latter category and rarely give my cameras, lenses and other paraphernalia the good cleaning they deserve.  What better time than to make all the equipment look like new again, mind all the scratches, dings and worn paint. I just can’t get myself to spend the time cleaning my tripod however.
  • Keyword images – this is near the bottom of the list as keywording is not my favourite pastime. At the same time, it saves me hours of time when searching for that elusive image an editor requires in the next 30 minutes. Typically on the road I will only do basic keywording with the more complex keywording tasks put off until required.
  • Writing – I always have something to write although I never seem to put enough time in on this subject. Blogs, future books, course materials, and the lists go on.
  • Watch bad movies – What are trips for? There is nothing better than sitting around and watching a bad movie with a glass of wine. Good movies make the grade as well so we try to have a combination available.

One might have noticed I finally have internet access, fully four days after writing this post.  Life is good!

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2 Responses to “Photography, internet access and rain”

  1. LisaNewton says:

    You are so right about long walks. It’s amazing to walk and take photos at the same time. I find endless variety out there, both natural and man-made. I’ll forever be grateful for the digital age of photography where you don’t have to pay for developing each one.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the trip.
    .-= LisaNewton´s last blog ..Sittin’ Back and Takin’ the Amtrak from LA to San Diego =-.

  2. Lynn says:

    My favorite thing to do on rain soaked traveling days is to read a good mystery and drink plenty of black tea. That said, I like both photos a lot. It seems we have many more gray days than sunny days and the photo possibilities are vastly different.
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Snow Melt Vibrant Day I =-.

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