Shooting Star – New Paint

Not a fancy photo today but just a good old documentary image. As many have noticed I’ve been driving down to Maple Bay Marina almost every day for the past month to work on our 50+ years old Nova Scotia designed wooden boat. One of this year’s projects was to sand the hull well, do a little repair work and give the boat a new coat of paint for the coming season. She goes back into the water on Monday; other than a little touch up the paint work is finished. While I know the colour scheme isn’t for everyone, at least it’s distinctive and… very east coast. The previous boring paint scheme is visible at Shooting Star’s Boring Paint Scheme as well as the lower image below.

Interior upgrades have included a new oven, refrigerator and an office. Should make for a lovely summer of working while on the move. A few book ideas (likely e-books) are floating through my head, stay tuned.

Time to get the bottle of champagne ready for the celebration!

Shooting Star - new paint the east coast way

Shooting Star - new paint the east coast way

Shooting Star - the old paint job

Shooting Star - the old paint job

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