Sigma 10-20 mm lens – 8 month report

Swimming at Ko Lanta, Thailand

Swimming at Ko Lanta, Thailand

I purchased my Sigma 10-20 in January before flying to Asia. The lens has been used primarily on a D2X with the occasional use on my backup D100. After reading reports here and on other web sites I decided to give this lens a try knowing full well that there seem to be issues with the quality on many examples. I picked up my lens a few hours before leaving (something I don’t like to do) and quickly shot a few images. My first impression was that I could live with it.

What have I learned in 6 months of shooting? Firstly, the Sigma has the ability to give an amazing perspective that cannot be found with many other lenses. I have found myself using this lens more than I originally had anticipated.

Optically I have found the lens to be a mixed bag. There is a slight yellow cast that can be problematic although in Photoshop this can easily be corrected. Sharpness varies as well with images shot wide open being slightly soft in the corners with a huge improvement at around f8. My lens seems to be fairly sharp from side to side but I’m finding that this seems a little inconsistent as the odd image is soft on one side. Distortion is what can be expected from extreme wide angles and I find Photoshop can work wonders to tame some of the issues.

Would I buy this lens again? Absolutely. The lens does what I require which is to produce double page spreads in magazines and books that are of professional quality. Large prints I haven’t tried but will in the future. Overall people give the images the “wow” factor which is a good sign.

I have put a gallery of about 60 images at

Would enjoy hearing your comments and own experiences.

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