Skies from the past month

Having spent the past 6 weeks on the road I witnessed some beautiful skies. While not photographing all of them was perhaps a mistake I did manage to photograph a large collection. Here are a some images from this past road trip for today’s photos. A few days from now I’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest with some new images, stay tuned!

Sunset at the San Xavier Mission, Arizona

Sunset at the San Xavier Mission, Arizona

Mount Ajo, Arizona

Mount Ajo, Arizona

Clouds, New Mexico

Clouds, New Mexico

Dusk at Big Bend, Texas

Dusk at Big Bend, Texas

Moonrise over the Badlands, Arizona

Moonrise over the Badlands, Arizona

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18 Responses to “Skies from the past month”

  1. Cecilia Artista, Spain says:

    Gorgeous photos!
    I especially like the magnificent Mount Ajo. Beautiful light!

    kevin Reply:

    Hi Cecilla,

    It is amazing light. I could have gone back to the same location for days.

  2. Sylvia Kirkwood says:

    You’ve got some fantastic captures, Kevin! So glad you had the opportunity to see such gorgeous skies and share them with us! I’m afraid you may be disappointed with the Pacific Northwest skies — we definitely have not had a season of colorful skies! But who knows, maybe next week will be different! Happy SWF! Have a great weekend!


    kevin Reply:

    Hi Sylvia,

    I’ve been in Seattle for the past few days so slowly getting used to the cooler weather again. I do know one thing however, I would much rather be here during the summer than in Texas!

  3. Carola says:

    The clouds over New Mexico are my favorite. Wonderful.

  4. Joyce M says:

    Isn’t the lighting magnificent in the southwest and the western skies? New Mexico skies, my thought is, they can’t be beat.!
    Joyce M

    kevin Reply:

    Carola and Joyce,

    You are correct about the amazing skies in the southwest. No place like it.

  5. Kim,USA says:

    Oh wow this is amazingly spectacular sight. Love it!
    Moon shots

  6. Lady Fi says:

    wow – these shots are spectacular!

    kevin Reply:

    Thanks, glad you enjoy them.

  7. forgetmenot says:

    Each photo is unique and quite beautiful. You have traveled to some interesting and lovely places. Great shots. Mickie:)

    kevin Reply:

    What’s amazing about the southwest is how much there is to see and photograph. Everywhere you go something else comes along.

  8. syel says:

    i couldn’t pick which one stands out the most, they are all gorgeous! love the lighting, composition, and colours :)

  9. carolyUSA says:

    I LOVE road trips! We were recently in Az. and New Mexico…awesome skies out there! Be safe and I hope you keep taking great photos!

  10. Wanda says:

    Oh these are just magnificent shots. Can’t decide which I like most, as they are all brilliant.

  11. Mark Kreider says:

    Very stunning landscapes. The southwest has a wealth of scenery that evokes serenity and timelessness which you have expertly brought to view for us on Sky Watch… thank you!

  12. Vinni says:

    These are beautiful pics, thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  13. kevin says:

    Thanks all,

    It’s hard to go wrong with such amazing scenery. I’m back up north in the rain now, should have stayed.

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