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New aerial photos of Vancouver Island

Boating in the Gulf Islands

I spent some time yesterday doing aerial photography over Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. While the weather wasn’t perfect I did manage to get some interesting photos. This was my first chance to use my D800 for aerial photography and coupled with the Nikon 70-200 VRII that I just purchased was great for […]


Arbutus Ridge Aerial Photograph

Arbutus Ridge aerial photograph, Vancouver Island

Arbutus Ridge is located in a wonderful area of Vancouver Island overlooking Saanich and the southern Gulf Islands. While the location is stunning I wonder about the long term effects of developments like this. Certainly it’s not my style but I don’t play golf either!


Aerial Photos of Victoria, British Columbia

Aerial view of Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island

Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island is remarkable for a few reasons. One is that you hear reference to Victoria being more British than Britain (hard to believe), the other is that it must be located in one of the more spectacular areas that a city could be built. Whatever your take, Victoria is a […]


Aerial Art, Chemainus River Estuary

Birds, Chemainus River Estuary Aerial, Vancouver Island

I’m busy making plans for the springs photography shoots and have ended up with a surprisingly long list of areas and subjects I want to photograph. One of my main goals is to try to shoot more aerial photographs of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, primarily to fill in some empty areas in my […]


Boys Will Be Boys – My 4th Annual 50th Birthday Party

Space Ship One takes to the skies... beware!

Another year, another party. In the big scheme of things, this is as good as it gets. The day we aren’t celebrating will be a sad day! Also another photo a day, this time for the 22nd of January. My last birthday report was 2 years ago. You can visit it here. I’m not sure […]


Google Earth or Aerial Photography?

Ladysmith Harbour - Google Earth

I was asked the other day to make a comparison between Google Earth and aerial photography or more accurately, is aerial photography in danger of being overlooked for the ease of use and cost saving measures that Google has provided?.  To start, I love Google Earth; it’s an amazing tool that makes exploring the world a little easier […]


Flying to Bamfield

Bamfield Airport - As rustic as it gets. Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I had the opportunity to fly with a great fellow to the west coast Vancouver Island town of Bamfield yesterday. It was purely a flight for enjoyment but I also used the journey as an “aerial photography test” to see whether photographing from small airplanes with windows actually works. I know many have been doing this […]


Wallace Island Marine Provincial Park

Rendezvous with Friends, Wallace Island, British Columbia, Canada

A true gem in the British Columbia Provincial Marine Park system, Wallace Island is conveniently located close to many ports in the southern Vancouver Island area. Numerous beaches, coves and inlets provide prime anchorage and kayaking opportunities while hiking trails run the length of the island. This is all mixed in with a fascinating history. […]


Aerial Art

Chemainus River Estuary, Vancouver Island, BC

I’m spending a number of days this summer doing aerial photography on Vancouver Island. Many of the images are the typical aerial views of the beautiful bays and towns that dot the coastline but I’m also working on a body of work that is slightly more artistic. A few samples are below.


The view from above

Aerial view of Victoria, British Columbia. The Tall Ships Festival is underway.

I managed to spend a pleasant afternoon doing aerial photography this past weekend. As always, it will likely be a few weeks until the images are online. A few photographs from the collection. Aerial view of the Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley.