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If God meant for us to have fiberglass boats he would have planted fiberglass trees

If God wanted us to have fiberglass boats he would have planted fibergalss trees

I’ve spent the past few hours digging through the archives of a long neglected collection of photographs, the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2010. This festival happened almost 4 years ago, this years festival is next weekend. As a wooden boat owner I got a kick out of this sign.


Captain Robin Walbridge on the HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty Capt. Robin Walbridge

The HMS Bounty sank off the coast of North Carolina due to high seas brought on by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October. With the unfortunate loss of a crew member, Claudene Christian and Captain Robin Walbridge, these incidents remind you how powerful the ocean’s forces can be. I was fortunate to spend some […]


Photos of HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty, Tall Ships Victoria 2008, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

I was fortunate to spend some time on the HMS Bounty a few years back courtesy of captain Robin Walbridge. What an experience! So sad to hear about the loss of the ship and especially the death of Claudene Christian and the unknown fate of captain Walbridge.


BC Ferry – Coastal Celebration in Swartz Bay

Coastal Celebration, British Columbia Ferry Services

One of the newest ferries in the BC Ferry fleet, Coastal Celebration waits at the dock in Swartz Bay near Victoria, Vancouver Island.


Spirit of Vancouver Island heading through Active Pass

Spirit of Vancouver Island heading through Active Pass, British Columbia

BC Ferry, Spirit of Vancouver Island heading through Active Pass with Mayne Island in the background.


Pop art fishing boat

Pop art fishing boat, Vancouver Island

I came across this wildly painted fishing boat and had to have a photograph. Whether the fish are attracted to it I don’t know but it certainly stands out in a crowd.


Ocean Destiny

Ocean Destiny plowing through the Gulf Islands

Boating season seems to have finally arrived! I’m sure these large fishing boats don’t worry about the bad weather but for the ones of us in smaller boats it’s an issue.


Westcoast Work Boat Association

A couple old fishing boats at the Westcoast Work Boat Association rendezvous

The Westcoast Work Boat Association holds their spring rendezvous in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. A wonderful assortment of boats turn up from both local waters as well as Washington state. Many of the work boats are retired fishing boats that have been converted into pleasure craft while others are modern boats designed with the […]


Alcyone, Port Townsend, Washington

Topmast schooner Alcyone under sail, Port Townsend

Launched in 1956, Shipwright Frank Prothero built Alcyone over a period of 6 years. She’s a 81′ gaff-rigged topmast schooner setting eleven sails: mainsail, foresail, staysail, jib, flying jib, main and fore gaff topsails, fisherman, fore course, raffee and stunsail. These can be raised in different combinations to suit various wind conditions.


Fishing Boat, Crofton, British Columbia

Fishing Boat, Crofton, British Columbia

It’s good to be back home in the Pacific Northwest with the ocean and boats that are so much a part of my life. While I love travelling when I return from a trip I generally feel like I’m fortunate to live in one of the world’s most beautiful areas, at least until I’m on […]


Willamette River, Oregon

Boating on the Willamette River, Oregon

Another photo of the Willamette River from Oregon City, Oregon. We are heading south today, likely to Grants Pass or some other wonderfully mountainous area. The photo a day images will start changing radically as the real journey begins. Stay tuned.


Boating to Wallace Island, British Columbia

The dock at Conover Cove, Wallace Island.

Now since our old boat is back in the water I decided to meet up with friends at one of my favourite local destinations, Wallace Island. This really must be one of the prettiest of the Gulf Islands and except for one small parcel of land the entire island is now park. While Wallace Island […]


Shooting Star – New Paint

Shooting Star - The old paint job

Not a fancy photo today but just a good old documentary image. As many have noticed I’ve been driving down to Maple Bay Marina almost every day for the past month to work on our 50+ years old Nova Scotia designed wooden boat. One of this year’s projects was to sand the hull well, do […]


The public wharf at Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

he public wharf at Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

Maple Bay is a picturesque seaside community located at the half way point of Sansum Narrows between Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. We are fortunate to have many public docks in the area providing moorage for the areas fishing fleet as well as recreational boaters. While further down the bay at Birds Eye Cove […]


Float Homes at Genoa Bay

Funky Float Homes, Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island

Genoa Bay on southern Vancouver Island must be one of the most picturesque boating destinations in the Cowichan area offering good moorage, a marina and excellent food at the Genoa Bay Cafe. Equally as picturesque is the gorgeous 5km drive through farmland to access the bay from Maple Bay if coming by land. Genoa Bay […]


Maple Bay Marina – Boats and Rainbows

Boats and Rainbows, Maple Bay Marina, Vancouver Island

A few beautiful days in the Maple Bay area on Vancouver Island, perhaps spring is here! This is likely the perfect boaters calendar photograph, nice boats, large boat houses and of course a rainbow, even though I was a little slow getting the photograph and the rainbow had already started to vanish. Maybe a little […]


Cowichan Valley Rainbow

Cowichan Valley Rainbow

I actually shot lots of photographs today but most of them are not very interesting, photographs of paint peeling and areas that need attention on my old wooden boat. Mind you, these images are very useful and serve a huge purpose in documenting restorations, electrolysis and all the other fun items boat owners deal with. […]


Wallace Island Marine Provincial Park

Rendezvous with Friends, Wallace Island, British Columbia, Canada

A true gem in the British Columbia Provincial Marine Park system, Wallace Island is conveniently located close to many ports in the southern Vancouver Island area. Numerous beaches, coves and inlets provide prime anchorage and kayaking opportunities while hiking trails run the length of the island. This is all mixed in with a fascinating history. […]


Nippon Highway


We are used to the odd freighter dropping anchor in our front yard during the winter months but generally they are your regular carriers, nothing too exotic. The Nippon Highway stopped by a few days ago and it didn’t take long to notice the ship. What a wall of steel she is. A little research […]



The Bounty

I was very fortunate in being able to join the crew of the Bounty as they brought the boat in during the Parade of Sail on Thursday. Captain Robin Walbridge made my visit a very special experience, many thanks.The Bounty was built in 1960 for MGM studios Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando. The […]


Victoria Tall Ships 2008 gallery

Victoria Tall Ship Festival 2008

I finally have a gallery online of photographs from the Victoria Tall Ships Festival. What a weekend! The main gallery is located at Victoria Tall Ships. Expect many changes to the sub galleries in the next few weeks as I properly caption the images and add relevant keywording. Thanks to all the great folks that […]


Victoria Tall Ships are coming

Hawaiian Chieftain at Victoria Tall Ships 2008

The tall ships are coming to Victoria this weeknd for what should be an amazing event. I’m planning on spending at least a few days photographing these magnificient vessels and hopefully catching a ride on a few of them. More information is available at Victoria Tall Ships. I’ll be posting photos as soon as possible. […]


BC Ferries – How many photographs is enough?

The Queen of Nanaimo at Village Bay on Mayne Island

When you spend a good portion of your life riding ferries to and from other islands you grow accustomed to photographing ferries as well. The ferries around the world do tend to be quite photogenic, at least if you are interested in boats. The British Columbia ferries serve some of the most beautiful islands in […]


Nikon D300 – Wow!

Queen of Nanaimo at dusk

I’ve been waiting for the day when I could afford to have 2 good quality digital cameras again. About 4 months ago Nikon announced what appeared to be the perfect answer to my requirements. The D300 has the same resolution as my high end D2X, newer generation electronics and something I was really interested in, […]