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Cows of the Cowichan

I haven’t really spent that much time around cows having grown up in large cities and having lived in areas where “cattle” aren’t really welcome in the neighborhood. Really about the only thing I knew about cows was that milk came from them and they sure tasted good! Interestingly, when I was quite young for […]


Cowichan River Estuary – Vancouver Island

Winter frost, Cowichan Bay Estuary. Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I have been spending time during the past few months looking at photos of the Cowichan River Estuary for my latest book The Cowichan – Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region. The Cowichan River Estuary flows into Cowichan Bay and the area is impacted significantly by the cool air coming off the ocean. At other times, […]


Camping at Gordon Bay Provincial Park, Cowichan Lake

After more than 20 years of sleeping in the great outdoors in a teeny backpacking tent, the family (Cherie, Kevin and Lana, the elderly sheltie) yielded to comfort’s siren call and bought a 24ft Flagstaff 5th wheel in August. WOW! Given that a 24ft 5th wheel is somewhat bigger to tow than said backpacking tent, […]


The Cowichan – Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region

The Cowichan - Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region

The Cowichan Region is the large area that lies between the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, reaching from the protected eastern shores of the island nearly all the way west to the Pacific Ocean. Its cornucopia-like shape is fitting for a place of such remarkable bounty, and this area is home to […]


Summer at Shawnigan Lake

Back Flip at Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island

Summer has arrived early in the Cowichan Valley this year with high temperatures for the past few weeks. A trip up to Shawnigan Lake was in order, partly to fill in a few gaps for the upcoming Cowichan Valley book but also to see what the locals were up to on a hot day when […]


Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island

A freighter at the Western Forest Products terminal, Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Favourite Locations – Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Cowichan Bay is a quaint small seaside town located in the Cowichan Valley about 45 minutes north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Of all the small towns in the Cowichan Valley, Cowichan Bay is by far the funkiest and has some of the best photo opportunities. […]


Cowichan Valley Flowers

Wild Strawberry, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island



Islands Folk Festival – Providence Farm

Islands Folk Festival, Providence Farm, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

One of my summer highlights is going to the Islands Folk Festival held at Providence Farm in the Cowichan Valley. The folk festival has a great selection of musicians many from Canada but also other parts of the globe. A special emphasis is made to showcase local musicians and emerging musicians as well. This is put […]


Brentwood Regatta 2009 Photo Gallery

Rowing Shell, Brentwood Regatta 2009, Mill Bay, British Columbia

  I have started looking through my Brentwood College Regatta photos and although it may be months until I have a full gallery up I thought a small gallery was in order. The  photos are located on my Cowichan Valley web site at Brentwood Regatta 2009 Photos. There are about 50 images online at this […]


Brentwood College Rowing Regatta photo shoot

Brentwood Regatta 2009, Mill Bay, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Brentwood Regatta 2009 Photos  I just spent 2 days photographing the Brentwood College Rowing Regatta in Mill Bay. This regatta is a photography feast with non-stop action for almost 3 days in a beautiful part of the Cowichan Valley. Over 1,500 athletes and coaches from over 35 rowing clubs take part in the regatta. Most are […]


Cowichan River Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Mushrooms, Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Cowichan River Provincial Park stretches for many kilometres along both banks of the Cowichan River and encompasses everything from deep rainforest to open meadows and of course the river itself. Every week is different as the seasons come and go. In the spring wildflowers flourish along the banks while in the fall the salmon swim […]


Cowichan River Flowers

Calypso Orchid (Calypso bulbosa), Cowichan Valley, British Columbia

In the previous post I mentioned that I spent time today shooting both wildflowers and whitewater kayaking. These are two very different types of work, it was interesting to do both within a few hours. For those that are interested, most of my close-up photography of flowers is with the Sigma 150mm macro lens. This […]


Kayaking on the Cowichan River


I spent some time at my favourite river today photographing the spring flowers and a kayak and canoe slalom competition. This was a very interesting combination of shooting as they both require such different disciplines. Doing close-up photography of wild flowers is a slow, peaceful and incredibly fulfilling type of work. You spend some time […]


Cowichan Valley Update

Ladysmith Festival of Lights

I’m in the process of finishing a large Cowichan Valley area update. For those not familiar with the Cowichan region, it’s located about one hour north of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. This area is stunningly beautiful with photogenic farmland, scenic bays and absolutely fabulous food and wine. What more can you ask for. By […]


Tubing on the Cowichan River

Cowichan River tubing, Duncan, BC

You can tell that summer has finally arrived in the Cowichan Valley when pickup trucks full of inner tubes start driving in front of my house towards the upper reaches of the Cowichan River. Some day I’ll try and photograph one of these trucks as they should have overwidth load signs attached. I’ve always wondered […]


Fishing the Cowichan River

Fishing on the Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Looks relaxing. I even saw a kid with a real fish the other day.


Salmon Run

Gull feeding on salmon during the Goldstream Provincial Park salmon run.

Every fall thousands of salmon return to the Cowichan River and the Goldstream River in Goldstream Provincial Park. While most of the salmon are Chum, Coho and Chinook may also be seen. The salmon attract many birds from eagles and gulls to ducks. Overall, the salmon run is a fascinating viewing experience as these fish […]


The snow keeps on falling


Another day of snow. I would guess that we have at least 40cm on the deck at this point. Anyways, this all appears short-lived as the pineapple express is expected to hit this evening. High winds and upwards of 50mm+ of rain are rolling in. At least it will be warm again. A few more […]


Snow in the Cowichan


It’s not supposed to snow here very often but the past few days have seen an abundance of the white stuff come down. As of writing this I expect we have 30cm on the ground. I know that’s not much for many of you but we aren’t exactly used to dealing with this. It sure […]


4 minutes, 57 seconds


Photography is about light. I’m always a little surprised when I see photographers rushing around trying to capture scenery, only to complain at a later date that none of their images have “magic” to them. Five minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time to work with but as a photographer much can be accomplished […]


Cowichan Valley Wine and Culinary Festival


The 2007 Cowichan Valley Wine and Culinary Festival took place last weekend under the usual weather for this year; a gloomy and wet weekend. Still, good times were had by all and the wine tasting was superb. Wine and food is likely the largest tourism draw for this area although one can’t discount the recreational […]


Duncan, Vancouver Island

St. Mary's Cemetery in Duncan

Duncan really does get a bad rap. While driving up Vancouver Island from Victoria all you see of Duncan is an ugly strip mall although over the past few years this area has improved significantly. What you don’t see from the highway is the charming town centre and the beautiful countryside that surrounds the town. […]


Cowichan Valley Scenery

Cowichan Valley Sunflowers

I decided that I was accumulating too many images that really didn’t have a proper gallery to exist in. Cowichan Valley Scenery will solve that problem at least temporarily. Mostly scenery, a few other images and….. Cowichan Valley Scenery gallery



Money and mugs at the Crow and Gate Pub

I wish I didn’t like pubs. Of all the eating establishments in North America, they get a bad rap and most folks are just as happy to eat at McDonald’s or one of the other healthy options. The ones of us that are on the go but want to eat badly sacrifice ourselves and lower […]