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Fall Colours

Fall colours in Quebec

I commented a couple of weeks ago about being a little bit early for the beautiful fall colours in Quebec. On my drive back to Montreal I pulled off the freeway for about half an hour and shot some fall foliage images. A few more days and it would have been better but this doesn’t […]


Nos Produits “Sans Viagra Free”

Nos Produits “Sans Viagra Free

Le Phat Hawg

Le Phat Hawg, Georgeville, Quebec

If you’re ever in Georgeville, Quebec and want great lobster rolls and fries stop by Le Phat Hawg. Hey, the place is owned by my brother and sister in law, drop by and say hello. Bring your Harley.


The right place at the wrong time!

North Hatley, Quebec

Have you ever felt that you were in the right place to shoot photographs that you have only dreamed of doing, only to have an airplane flight leaving right before the action actually happens? That’s the case today where I’m sitting in the warm sun on the Vermont and Quebec border surrounded by the early […]



Montreal Windows

I spent the afternoon wandering around an older area of Montreal, photographing architecture and other items of interest. Great city!