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The sorry state of SPAM and the Blackhole exploit kit


I’m about to reach a milestone on this site and it isn’t a pretty one either. In the past 7 years of this blog being active I have almost reached 150,000 spam comments. Fortunately Akismet is an amazing plugin for WordPress and has managed to stop about 99.5% of this from ending up on my blog […]


NIK HDR Efex Pro 2

Lone tree at Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve, California - HDR image

HDR ( high dynamic range) photography has become quite popular the past few years, likely due to the amazing work of Trey Ratcliff at Stuck in Customs. While I haven’t spent very much time specifically doing photography with HDR in mind, part of the new software package I just purchased from NIK contains HDR Efex […]


Canal Trees in France – Black & White

Canal du Nivernais, Burgundy, France

I’ve been interested in picking up Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 for a few years now to bring the black & white darkroom into my computer and finally had a chance. For those that don’t know about Silver Efex, it’s a well respected software designed specifically for producing stunning black and white imagery from your […]


Kevin Oke Photography blog – 6 years!

Web site July 2007

It appears that we celebrated 6 years of (proven) blogging in the past few weeks and while it doesn’t sound like much one has to remember that true blogging is a fairly recent phenomenon. In reality I think we are actually reaching 7 years or more which isn’t bad considering WordPress didn’t become a released blogging platform until […]


Editing and Workflow – 3 Photographers Views

Cockpit detail of Lotus XI LeMans, Portland Historic Races.

Originally published a little over 2 years ago, a group blogging effort about editing and workflow was very popular at the time and is well worth revisiting. As many people know I spend a considerable amount of time photographing events. These events cover the gamut from folk festivals and kayaking competitions to wooden boat festivals […]


Revisiting your photography archive

Carrillo Beach, Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Often after returning from a trip or event I spend little time actually looking through images and picking the keepers. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary reason being lack of time. Typically my work flow allows me to process the photographs I require for a project or story and then move […]


Searching for Cemeteries


One of the interesting results of seriously working on keywording has been the ability to search through over 100,000 images quickly to find the photographs I’m looking for. The latest software that I’m using for my DAM (Data asset management software) is Expression Media 2 which so far I have been very impressed with. The […]


Kevin Oke Photography Stock

Kevin Oke Photography stock images

We are thrilled to announce that our new Kevin Oke Photography searchable stock photography site is running in full operation mode. As of today there are 11,000 photographs in the database with another 5,000 or so still to be catalogued. This has been a huge undertaking and the realistic date for the site to be […]


Web Site Changes at Kevin Oke Photography


The design of Kevin Oke Photography is changing dramatically in the next few days as may be apparent when you see the new blog page. Other sections of the site will remain the same for a period of time. We are doing this for a few reasons. Firstly, the old web site was feeling… a little dated. […]


Editing and Workflow – Part 2

Shelby Cobra and Greenwood Corvette

Part 1 of our editing and workflow series was published by D. Travis North yesterday on his blog, Shutter Photo. Travis’s workflow is very different from mine due to a completely different shooting style, I think you will find his article interesting. Jim M. Goldstein will publish part 3 of this series tomorrow on his […]


Major Database Update

Fall Maple, Cowichan Valley

I spent today working on a major, behind the scenes update of Kevin Oke Photography. For those that have spent some time looking through the galleries you will immediatly see a difference in the look and feel of the interface. The galleries also feature a slide show if you want to browse through different images. […]


What is HDR and why do we care?


I’ve heard a lot about HDR photography in the past few months and decided to take a look at what it is and what it can do. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range photography. In real world terms what that means is taking several pictures of the scene and changing the exposure setting in your […]


Review – The 123 of Digital Imaging

The 123 of digital imaging interactive learning suite was first developed in 2001 by Vincent Bockaert to bring up to date photography information to both amateur and professional photographers in an interactive format. Here we are almost a decade later and the 123 of digital imaging is as up to date as ever, something not […]