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Analysis of a Kayaking Photo Shoot

Canoeing on the Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Lisa from the wonderful blog Travelin’ Local was asking how many images I shot when I photographed the kayakers a few days ago on the Cowichan River. The number was 363 images shot in a time span of 45 minutes. While this may seem like quite a lot of photos I thought I would discuss […]


Monster Energy Motocross Nationals – Nanaimo Wastelands

Brad Nauditt, Monster Energy Motocross Nationals - MX2 Pro Moto 1 - Nanaimo Wastelands, June 12, 2011.

I had the opportunity to photograph the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals Motocross at the Nanaimo Wastelands this past weekend. While I’ve never been a huge fan of motorcycles in general and have never followed motorcycle racing I have to admit that this event was a blast and exceptionally fun to photograph. It looks like the […]


Tubing on the Cowichan River

Cowichan River tubing, Duncan, BC

You can tell that summer has finally arrived in the Cowichan Valley when pickup trucks full of inner tubes start driving in front of my house towards the upper reaches of the Cowichan River. Some day I’ll try and photograph one of these trucks as they should have overwidth load signs attached. I’ve always wondered […]


Bathtub Racing in Ladysmith

Nanaimo Bathtub Racing

This looks like something more along my style. Forget the strongman competitions, give me a bathtub. The Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society has been racing bathtubs since 1967. What a concept. This is also serious stuff with races being held on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and also in Washington State. Photos will be online soon, […]


Can-American Strongman Competition – Ladysmith

Can-American Strongman Competition - Ladysmith

These guys are crazy. I just witnessed the Can-American Strongman Competition at Ladysmith Days on Vancouver Island. I guess it’s all in a days work, lifting cars, flipping 900 pound tires and running around with 610 pounds of weight. Sure made me feel like a wimp. More to come, here’s a preview.