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Frog Above Bear Holding Seal – Carver: Richard Hunt 1988

Richard Hunt 1988 - Totem Pole, Duncan, British Columbia

Frog Above Bear Holding Seal by Richard Hunt is beautifully carved and has some wonderful details. This totem is located next to the train station in downtown Duncan.


Tsonoqua, Mythological Wild Women Of The Woods (Thunderbird Above Tsonoqua)

Ned Matilpi 1990 - Tsonoqua, Mythological Wild Women Of The Woods

Time for a few of my favourite totem poles. This one was carved by Ned Matilpi in 1990 and is located in downtown Duncan.


Salish Bear Pole

500 year old cedar, Goldstream Provincial Park

I made another run over the Malahat today as I had a few errands to run in Victoria. The weather has been a little iffy the past week and today was no exception with snow falling at the summit. On my return home I dropped by Goldstream Provincial Park for a walk amongst the beautiful […]


Totems and Snow


I made the mistake about 2 months ago of mentioning to Cherie that I wanted to photograph Duncan’s totem poles after a snowfall. Little did I know that we would still have snow on the ground almost 10 weeks later. Not exactly what I had in mind. At least I did manage to photograph the […]