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Fall Colours

Fall colours in Quebec

I commented a couple of weeks ago about being a little bit early for the beautiful fall colours in Quebec. On my drive back to Montreal I pulled off the freeway for about half an hour and shot some fall foliage images. A few more days and it would have been better but this doesn’t […]


And you thought you were old!

Old tree at the Duncan Forest Discovery Centre

I just turned 50 and everyone is telling me that I’m old. You wouldn’t believe the cards I got. Well, I have news for you! I’m just a baby in the real world. Take a look at this. We went to the Duncan Forest Discovery Center on the weekend and one of the displays is […]



Telephone pole in the Cowichan Valley

Dead and live trees.


Pacific Northweswt Maple Trees

Big Leaf Maple

This fall has been particularily impressive for photographing the local Big Leaf Maples. I’ve put up a new gallery with images of these magnificient trees as well as a number of images of Japanese Maples that are on my property in the Cowichan Valley. A very colourful gallery. Pacific Northwest Maples photos