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Photographic Reflections

Reflections are all around us and make an excellent subject to photograph. Sometimes the reflections are of a specific subject, perhaps a tree or a building. Other times the reflection will be an abstract in itself; for example light sources or cloud formations. We can easily shoot reflections as an abstract image or as a […]


E-Book Review – Seattle’s Top Photo Spots

Seattle's Top Photo Spots by Shutter Tours

Seattle’s Top Photo Spots I have been privileged over the decades to have spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest’s jewel city of Seattle. While most of my time in Seattle has been for pleasure (read Mariner’s games, Mexican food and visiting relatives) I have done my share of photography as well. With […]


Alcyone, Port Townsend, Washington

Topmast schooner Alcyone under sail, Port Townsend

Launched in 1956, Shipwright Frank Prothero built Alcyone over a period of 6 years. She’s a 81′ gaff-rigged topmast schooner setting eleven sails: mainsail, foresail, staysail, jib, flying jib, main and fore gaff topsails, fisherman, fore course, raffee and stunsail. These can be raised in different combinations to suit various wind conditions.


What’s coming up in 2010?

Alcyone, 33rd Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, 2009

2009 turned out to be a busy year for us at Kevin Oke Photography. I was very fortunate to photograph many different events and festivals, much of the natural beauty of the area and it seems almost anything else that happened locally. Trips to California and Washington and a large amount of boating local waters […]


Flying to Bamfield

Bamfield Airport - As rustic as it gets. Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I had the opportunity to fly with a great fellow to the west coast Vancouver Island town of Bamfield yesterday. It was purely a flight for enjoyment but I also used the journey as an “aerial photography test” to see whether photographing from small airplanes with windows actually works. I know many have been doing this […]


Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival Sights

Theater for the kids at the North Star Stage, 33rd Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, 2009

While the emphasis is on wooden boats at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival there is plenty else going on to keep everyone entertained. After all, living wooden boats 24 hours a day is likely not a very healthy affliction although I expect many in attendance do just that. I, for one, like to get out […]


Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival – Schooner Cup

Kia Ora, 33rd Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, 2009. Point Hudson Marina, Port Townsend, Washington.

Having spent two days wandering around the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival a change was needed and I managed to get out on the water for the NW Schooner Cup, an annual race featuring those gorgeous schooners you see photographs of everywhere. I went out on the committee boat for the start and then transferred […]


The Lions of Lyon

Lions of Lyon, France

Lyon, France hosted an arts event in 2004 with the idea of 60 lions, 60 places and 60 artists creating fancy lions to decorate the city. Of course this idea has been done all over the world now with orcas and eagles in Victoria, Canada; pigs in Seattle, Washington; bears in Berlin, Germany and I expect […]


California Fan Palms (Washingtonia filifera)

California Fan Palm leaves - Washingtonia filifera

These spectacular palms are the ones that are common in the Colorado Desert in Southern California. A few artsy photos first, I’ll dig up some interesting copy at a later date…. time to do laundry!


Interstate 5 and Safety in Numbers

Sky Valley, Southern California

What a trip. We just headed down to California for a well needed break. In our rush to get down to Sky Valley in sunny Southern California we drove most of the way on Interstate 5, the main connector between Northern Washington and Southern California. Driving I-5 is nothing out of the ordinary for most […]


Gulls and the D300

Victoria Gull

I finally had a chance to use the new Nikon D300 with birds in flight while making the journey from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles in Washington on the Coho ferry. All I can say is WOW! The new focus system is amazing in tracking and locking onto an object. I also noticed that the […]


Santa arrives in the Gulf Islands

Santa Ship arriving at Pender Island

Santa arrived in the Gulf Islands yesterday by boat, not by sleigh as he does in so much of the world. This must be Santa’s 53rd? yearly visit to the Gulf Island’s children, courtesy of the Bellingham Lions in Washington State. The weather was absolutely stunning so a huge crowd turned out on Pender Island […]