The Journey Begins

Blue Margarita

Blue Margarita

Any trip involving air travel can be an experience. In our case we were travelling smoothly, fully loaded on our American Airlines MD-80 and heading out to the flight line in Seattle when the pilot announced that a tornado and high winds were hitting the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we were going to be delayed a few hours. Fortunately they took us back to the terminal and let us disembark so the wait was not quite as bad as it maybe could have been.

This of course brings up the scenario of flying to another city and perhaps missing your connection, in our case from Dallas to West Palm Beach, Florida. One hour and forty-five minutes late we are on our way. The minutes always seem to move slowly as you reach your destination and thoughts of a long day occur when gate updates don’t seem promising. While most of the flights were delayed in Dallas and most of the passengers on our plane made their connecting flights we were somewhat unlucky, our flight had left on time about 20 minutes earlier.

For anyone that has flown to the Virgin Islands before, you might wonder why we are flying to West Palm Beach rather than Miami? A side trip to visit friends and visit the Kennedy Space Center. On another note, if I had a photography job lined up early the following day I would have been “screwed”. The joys of travel.

American Airlines had vouchers for hotels at $70 for the night but on looking into them we found that the hotels had no shuttle services, a cab would be about $40 each way and when we got to the hotel we would have to find food as the hotel didn’t have a restaurant. Texas is a big place and the Dallas/Fort Worth airport must be near the middle of it!

Trying to sleep at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Trying to sleep at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

For good or bad  we made the crazy decision to live in the airport for the night; have a good meal, a few drinks and try and get some sleep. We did have an excellent meal and the blue margaritas were tasty although I’m not sure what gave them their colour, I’m sure it wasn’t healthy! Sleep was hard to come by but  the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport folks did their best by providing cots and blankets for stranded passengers. Texas hospitality is great and now I can add Dallas to my list of big cities that I have stayed in.

Being the photographer that I am, I decided to start getting in the “mode” and photographed a few parts of the airport and one of my blue margaritas. Fortunately I didn’t get arrested; I’m always a little concerned when pulling out professional cameras in high security areas. Maybe it’s because no-one was here.

An uneventful flight the following morning had us arriving in sunny and warm Florida, a layover before the real trip began.  Almost there!

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3 Responses to “The Journey Begins”

  1. Ross McKinnon says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the story Kevin…trust it has a happy ending…..

  2. George says:

    Hey, hope you have a great time! If you go through Miami on the way back, stop in Key Biscayne at a great Tapas Bar called Artisan, had some great food there! Enjoy the food as I did in Venezuela! Lots of new flavours! Cheers!

  3. kevin says:

    Hi Ross and George,

    Great to hear from you. Yeah, a good trip coming up but… a bit of a time warp. I’m back home now and all of this happened a few weeks back. Keep it quiet OK? A few advantages in delaying the whole story. It seems to be turning into a lousy book.

    Ross, let’s get together in Asia again, I’ll be in touch but haven’t been there for about 6 years and really missing my favorite area of planet earth. Thailand?

    George, I was gone while you were in Venezuela but sounds like an amazing trip, let’s chat soon. I was close by in Washington DC for a few hours but that was it.

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