Oh, I miss dandelions. I used to …

Comment posted on The Lowly Dandelion by LisaNewton

Oh, I miss dandelions. I used to see them all the time on the East Coast, but here on the West Coast, I don’t see them too often.

Thanks for bringing back the memories of trying to get rid of dandelions……………:)

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  • BTW, I forgot to tell you, GREAT photos……………….:)

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  1. mountain.mama says:

    I have always thought the dandelion was much maligned. I love these pictures.

  2. Dagrun says:

    I love the dandelions, the do make great macrophotos just like those you present here!!

  3. june says:

    I confess I’ve always tried to get rid of them…a losing battle to be sure. Perhaps this year I’ll take a position of peaceful co-existence and declare a truce :-) Great macro shot, by the way.

  4. Kerri says:

    Oooh, these are great!!

  5. Gallicissa says:

    I am blown away! What neat captures. And thanks for explaining the etymology of Dandelion and hinting how it should be pronounced. Cheers!

  6. Lynn says:

    We had such a rough winter here, that I have been finding dandelions quite beautiful this year. I only have one dandelion in my garden and decided to keep it there. I may regret it next year. I really like the last photo, a very different perspective on the common weed.

  7. margie says:

    kevin, these shots are terrific.

  8. East Gwillimbury WOW! says:

    Lovely shots of dandelions. I’m weird – I actually LIKE dandelions so appreciate your photos, 😉

  9. Diane C. says:

    I love how photography helps us to see something lowly or ordinary in a new way. I think the dandelion seeds resemble fine lace in the third photo. Nice post with interesting info about dandelions.

  10. Lisa's Chaos says:

    These shots just take my breath away! I am taking dandelion pills and my husband suggested I just go graze the yard. :)

  11. Lisa's Chaos says:

    PS – We think alike, I laid in the wet grass last week to snap some dandelions but I had forgotten I had even done it until I saw yours. Life has been too busy for me to even look at them yet. :(

  12. Deborah Godin says:

    I’ve never seen such a breathtaking view of dandelion globes! And I feel as you do, if we all would just agree that they are lovely, and that no one needs a “perfect lawn” that looks almost artificial, then we could all just enjoy the habitat as it is. And not contaminate our groundwater either.

  13. Amy says:

    I love love love your series here. Nice job! I love how you found them too!

  14. cherie thiessen says:

    Thanks for elevating the dandelion to the level it should be at, Kevin. Your photos really do them credit. I have never figured out why so many people want to detroy these gifts from nature. They’re colourful, hardy, indigenous, and nutritious. They belong as much as we do and they give more back. So – come on over and have a sip of my dandelion wine while we munch on those nutritious greens in our salad.

  15. Martha says:

    Beautiful Dandelion (one of my favorites), and beautiful photography!

  16. kevin says:

    Thanks all, it sounds like the “good ole” dandelion is here to stay. No more Round-Up and other chemical compounds!

    Cherie, after writing this piece I was thinking I really should sample some more of your wine! We have 4 acres of dandelions here on the big island, time to come up for a feast!

  17. LisaNewton says:

    Oh, I miss dandelions. I used to see them all the time on the East Coast, but here on the West Coast, I don’t see them too often.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories of trying to get rid of dandelions……………:)

  18. LisaNewton says:

    BTW, I forgot to tell you, GREAT photos……………….:)

  19. amanda says:

    Your macros are lovely your selective focus is gorgeous.


  20. CarrieJ says:

    I adore the last shot! It is impeccable!!
    I got on a dandelion kick this year. Now people are starting to associate me with them, to the point I named my photography businesss I am trying to start Dandelion Farms Photography.

  21. kevin says:

    I didn’t realize dandelions were as popular as this, maybe it’s just bloggers that are into them. And thanks for the comments about the photos, dandelions sure look good up close and personal. Carrie, that’s an excellent name for a photography business, catchy and something that people will remember!

  22. Margaret Davaz says:

    The point of view on that last shot is wonderful!

    Lovin’ Macro Monday,
    Cameo @–>–>—