Time Lapse Video Images from DSLR’s – Yosemite

I have taken the plunge and ordered a new D800. In my previous post I discussed the need (or lack thereof) for a 36mp camera but after analyzing my camera body situation of a very tired and beat up Nikon D300 as my primary body I decided an upgrade was in order. One aspect of these new cameras that I’m looking forward to exploring is near professional quality video. This will be an entirely new area for me as my video shooting history is very limited and well, my editing of video is even further behind. Never to old to learn new tricks!

One interesting feature of the Nikon D800 and D4 as well as some of the high end Canon cameras is high resolution time lapse video. I’m sure the technique to produce spectacular footage is more difficult than one might expect but the results… I’ll let you judge. Project Yosemite, a collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty is embedded below.  All timelapses were shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with a variety of Canon L and Zeiss CP.2 Lenses. Pretty impressive, especially in high resolution.

Hopefully my Nikon D800 will arrive soon, gotta give this a try!

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

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  2. kevin says:

    Hi Cherie,

    They are pretty amazing aren’t they. Can’t wait to try a few myself but apparently they will kill the camera pretty quickly. At 30 photos per second a 5 minute video uses 9,000 photos! Assuming my new camera should last for about 200,000 photos that’s a total of about 112 minutes.

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