Ecuador – 26 days, 19,475 photographs

Iglesia de San Agustín. Quito, Ecuador

I just returned from a fabulous month long trip to the exotic South American country of Ecuador. My journey started in the wonderful city of Quito then 8 days of wandering through the Andes staying at eco lodges and viewing wildlife. This was all followed by a fantastic trip to the Galapagos Islands and then […]


The Galápagos sea lion

Galápagos sea lion underwater, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos sea lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) is a species of sea lion that exclusively breeds on the Galápagos Islands and on Isla de la Plata just off the coast of Ecuador. These fun animals seem to have an idyllic life, lazing around beaches and playing in the water when food sources are good. The males […]


Galápagos marine iguana

Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus), Fernandina Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos marine iguana may not be the prettiest creature on the planet but it definitely ranks way up there in the very cool department. I had the opportunity to photograph these iguanas at a number of locations in the Galapagos Islands on my recent visit to Ecuador osta viagra. These guys are very mellow […]


Jasper Dark Sky Festival

The Columbia Icefields at night, Jasper National Park

I’m spending this weekend at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival. The festival itself comprises astronomy talks and star gazing opportunities with some of Canada’s best known astronomers, personalities and photographers. So far the weather has been amazing with warm temperatures and very clear although somewhat cold conditions in the evenings. The Canadian Rockies are dark […]


On Assignment – Destination British Virgin Islands

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Three weeks of sun and boating in a stunning archipelago in the Caribbean, how does this sound for a nice way to spend part of the winter? While this trip is being “billed” as a vacation for my wife Cherie and friend Terry, typically I’ll be using the trip as a working opportunity to photograph […]


Vancouver Island Aerials

Vancouver Island Aerials

I’ve been working on a new site the past couple weeks and finally have it finished enough that I’m sharing the information. The site is called Vancouver Island Aerials and as the name implies is dedicated to aerial photography. As well as covering Vancouver Island from the air the site also features aerial photographs of […]


Photography and Copyright Infringement

The Malaspina Galleries - my most stolen image!

Photography, the Internet and Copyright Infringement Yesterday, I spent several hours looking for blatant illegal use of my photographs. While the issue perhaps isn’t a huge problem, it certainly represents a significant potential loss of business for my company. In these few hours, I discovered more than 100 incidents of unauthorized usage. Sadly, given that […]


Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye Lens review

Fairchild 24W shot with the Sigma 15mm fisheye

Having made the switch from the Nikon DX format to the Nikon FX (full frame) format I’ve had to completely renew my arsenal of lenses. This hasn’t been as tough as I thought with many of my DX lenses selling for about the same price as purchasing used FX lenses. I did purchased a number […]


The new Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the Seattle Center

Ikebana and Float Boat, Chihuly Garden and Glass

The largest museum in the world devoted to glass artist Dale Chihuly opened this past summer at Seattle Center, located at the base of the Seattle Space Needle. The Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum is truly stunning and from a photographers viewpoint is an incredible combination of light, textures and contrasts. The museum also […]


Bananafish Dance Orchestra

Bananafish, Islands Folk Festival 2012, Providence Farm, Duncan, BC

I’ve been slowly working through my images of the Islands Folk Festival in 2012. The music was excellent as always and I certainly enjoyed the photography. The first gallery online is the Bananafish Dance Orchestra, a local band that put on a great late night show. Take a look at the gallery at Bananafish Dance […]


New aerial photos of Vancouver Island

Boating in the Gulf Islands

I spent some time yesterday doing aerial photography over Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. While the weather wasn’t perfect I did manage to get some interesting photos. This was my first chance to use my D800 for aerial photography and coupled with the Nikon 70-200 VRII that I just purchased was great for […]


Thank you! New Brunswick

Riding the giant lobster in Chediac

I just returned from a fabulous 2 week trip to New Brunswick. The primary reason for the trip was to attend the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) annual conference which was 3 full days of meetings with Industry members, personal development sessions and countless opportunities to meet other Canadian media members. For this reason […]


Islands Folk Festival – New photos and stage lighting

Tribe of One, Islands Folk Festival 2011

I’ve finally managed to upload most of the galleries for the Islands Folk Festival that took place at Providence Farm in Duncan in July 2011. I mentioned this huge job previously back in February,  Islands Folk Festival – Editing the Photos.  As often is the case I try to learn from my experiences with the idea of […]


Time Lapse Video Images from DSLR’s – Yosemite


I have taken the plunge and ordered a new D800. In my previous post I discussed the need (or lack thereof) for a 36mp camera but after analyzing my camera body situation of a very tired and beat up Nikon D300 as my primary body I decided an upgrade was in order. One aspect of […]


Photographic Reflections

Reflections are all around us and make an excellent subject to photograph. Sometimes the reflections are of a specific subject, perhaps a tree or a building. Other times the reflection will be an abstract in itself; for example light sources or cloud formations. We can easily shoot reflections as an abstract image or as a […]


GoPro Hero at Portland International Raceway

1971 Brabham BT21 Formula 2

Last year I bought a GoPro HD Video Camera with the idea of attaching it to helicopters, racing cars, boats and anything else I could think of. While circumstances have not allowed me to use the camera as much as I would have liked I have used it enough to get an appreciation of what […]


Defishing Nikons 10.5mm fisheye lens?

Wooden boats shot with the Nikon 10.5mm lens, image defished with Nikon NX2 software

As many of you know one of the interesting lenses I shoot with is the Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 DX fisheye lens. This lens covers a lot of territory with a 180 degree corner to corner diagonal view giving you a full frame but somewhat distorted image. I don’t use the lens regularly but the odd […]


Rabari – Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich

The Rabari - Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe

Ebook review: Rabari – Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich Mitchell Kanashkevich embarked on a fascinating 4 month journey to photograph the Rabari, a nomadic group of Indian cattle herders. As with so many cultures in today’s fast paced and ever changing world, the Rabari’s culture is quickly changing and Mitchell’s objective with […]


Revisiting Costa Rica

Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to revisit the wonderful country of Costa Rica a few weeks ago not as a tourist, but as a photo editor. I’ve written about this before, the experience of looking at one’s photographs months or even years after the initial shooting and the joy that comes form the revisit. Great memories, […]


Free e-book -11 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography


The folks at Craft and Vision that produce many of the fantastic books we review on this site have once again produced an excellent photography e-book. This book is different however; it’s FREE. That’s correct, FREE! There’s really no excuse for not downloading a copy of Craft & Vision – 11 Ways You Can Improve […]


Editing and Workflow – 3 Photographers Views

Cockpit detail of Lotus XI LeMans, Portland Historic Races.

Originally published a little over 2 years ago, a group blogging effort about editing and workflow was very popular at the time and is well worth revisiting. As many people know I spend a considerable amount of time photographing events. These events cover the gamut from folk festivals and kayaking competitions to wooden boat festivals […]


Revisiting your photography archive

Carrillo Beach, Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Often after returning from a trip or event I spend little time actually looking through images and picking the keepers. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary reason being lack of time. Typically my work flow allows me to process the photographs I require for a project or story and then move […]


Monster Energy Motocross Nationals – Nanaimo Wastelands

Brad Nauditt, Monster Energy Motocross Nationals - MX2 Pro Moto 1 - Nanaimo Wastelands, June 12, 2011.

I had the opportunity to photograph the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals Motocross at the Nanaimo Wastelands this past weekend. While I’ve never been a huge fan of motorcycles in general and have never followed motorcycle racing I have to admit that this event was a blast and exceptionally fun to photograph. It looks like the […]


Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Display showing some of the nature inspired details, La Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

The Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, more commonly known as the Sagrada Família is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Construction was started in 1882 and while still not complete, passed the mid-point in 2010 with the church expected to be finished […]