Field Notes

Aerial Art

Aerial Photo of the Chemainus River Estuary, Vancouver Island

I love to fly! Flight for me is a freedom far removed from the everyday existence down here on solid earth. You can view the world from a different perspective much like the birds and other flying critters. While I enjoy large aircraft like Boeing 747’s that can haul you up to 12,000 metres (40,000 feet) my preference […]


Kayaking on the Cowichan River


I spent some time at my favourite river today photographing the spring flowers and a kayak and canoe slalom competition. This was a very interesting combination of shooting as they both require such different disciplines. Doing close-up photography of wild flowers is a slow, peaceful and incredibly fulfilling type of work. You spend some time […]


White Fawn Lilies – Spring is here!

White fawn lily, Erythronium oregonum, North Pender Island, British Columbia

Spring seemed to take a little longer to arrive in the Pacific Northwest this year but the past few weeks have warmed up and the plants are beginning to grow like crazy. One of my favourite native plants is the white fawn lily (Erythronium oregonum) which is one of our first truly spectacular bloomers. These […]


Cemeteries, graveyards, mausoleums, shrines, whatever you want to call them

Mauseoleum, Hue, Vietnam

I know I’m not the only photographer in the world to be attracted for some strange reason, to cemeteries. Everywhere I travel I seem to end up in a few graveyards, mausoleums, shrines, whatever you want to call them. They have an interesting beauty, a quietness, lots of history and maybe even the odd ghost. […]


Waiting for the Light

8:04:14 AM

I was watching the sun come up this morning and it got me thinking again about how important light is to photography and how quickly light can change. Of course one of the keys is to be able to work very quickly which means knowing your equipment, knowing the location and knowing your technique. A […]


And a few more photos from Torrey Pines


I’ve been slowly sorting and editing the 3,800 images that I shot on my trip in Southern California. That’s lots of images to dig through and to be honest, I’ll likely never get finished with the task as I’ll be shooting about 1,000 photos a week again once I start finishing my new book. It’s […]


More from Torrey Pines

Seaweed at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California

I had the chance to do quite a bit of close up photography while I was at Torrey Pines Reserve. This is one of my favourite types of work, partly because of the real graphic qualities that you can achieve but also because very few people see this way. I always get the comment “I […]


Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

The beach at Torrey Pines Nature Reserve, San Diego, California

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a fascinating area within the city limits of San Diego, California. Unspoiled coastline in an urban area is rare but somehow this 2,000 acre park has remained in excellent shape. The Torrey Pine is the rarest native pine in the United States. It only grows in the Torrey Pines […]


Top 10 Favourite Photography Spots in Southern California


Having just returned from Southern California I thought I would list my “Ten Favourite” places I photographed on the trip. These are in no particular order although they came to my mind in this order so maybe there is something here. The list is a little eclectic, something for everybody. Torrey Pines State Reserve, San […]


A few more 180’s from the Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye Lens

Beaver Tail Cactus

This Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens is actually quite fun to use and certainly can produce some interesting photographs. I previously talked about my first reactions to this lens in Fisheye Views. Well, I haven’t used the lens a huge amount more up to this point but it sure is a blast to pull it out […]


More Contrails

Contrails over Joshua Tree National Park 7:17 AM.

After writing the previous post about contrails and mentioning that over 31 million people fly into Los Angeles International Airport every year I started thinking about how many people fly into Southern California every year. I’m guessing the number is in the 100 million range but with the lousy internet access I presently have I […]


Panda Bear

Panda Bear at the San Diego Zoo

If you go to San Diego you have to visit the zoo and see the Pandas, so cute!


Torrey Pines State Reserve – San Diego

Torrey Pines at Torrey Pines State Park, California.

Torrey Pines State Reserve is described as a wilderness island in a urban sea. Torrey Pines, the rarest pine tree in the United States grow only here and on Santa Rosa Island off the Coast of Santa Barbara. In addition there are over 400 species of flowering plants, miles of beaches and steady winds coming in […]


Harnessing the Wind

Windmills in Palm Springs

The valley surrounding Palm Springs and area is one of the windiest in California. With this in mind it didn’t take long for alternative energy to make it’s mark on the area. The local wind farm contains approximately 3,100 windmills generating enough energy to power all of Palm Springs and much of the surrounding area. […]


Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

One of the strangest looking palnts in Joshua Tree National Park are the Joshua Trees that the park and town are named after. These trees aren’t even real trees, instead belonging to the lily family. I won’t bore you with words this time but will just put some images online.


Fisheye views

Nikon 10.5mm fisheye - Joshua Trees

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had just purchased a Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens. Well, I finally picked it up in Portland and had the opportunity to put the lens through its paces. My first impression was how small the lens was. I really hadn’t paid much attention to the specs but figured […]


God Bless America


You have to give something to the folks down here for their dedicated love of the country. Everywhere you go you see the U.S. flag and other little reminders that you are in the U.S.A. These pins and visors are a good example.


Desert Girls

Desert Girl

Desert Girls, do you see a theme here? After producing my French Girls series I’ve been keeping my eyes open for similar themes while travelling. A few observations though, there aren’t many French girls in Canada and the US, I guess this isn’t unexpected and, North Americans seem to not expose women in the same […]


I made a wrong turn!

The cat or rabbit full of holes

There’s a gravel road that heads from where I’m staying in Sky Valley into the heart of Joshua Tree National Park. Having bought a Subaru a few years ago I felt that this could be my first opportunity to 4×4 big time, not necessarily over boulders but at least more than what my old sports […]


Joshua Trees and Lizards

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

I haven’t spent much time in Joshua Tree National Park for about 30 years. Having grown up in Pasadena (Los Angeles), Joshua Tree was often a quick escape from the smog and traffic of the City of Angels. You have to feel sorry for any angels that might still live there as every time I […]


Australia here I come!

I’m sure you all have heard about the “Best Job in the World” courtesy of Queensland, Australia ( Queensland Tourism, what a concept!). This is a very spiffy job, amazingly similar to what I already do! I guess the biggest difference is that If I were lucky (or talented) enough to be offered this job […]


New toys on the way!

Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye

There have always been a few lenses that I thought I would never buy. This was for a number of reasons but generally due to extreme cost (Nikkor 600mm f4 at a cool $9,699.95 US: I’m still looking for a benefactor here) or total impractibility in the case of extreme wide angles. It’s amzing what […]


I bet you never knew! – Maple Syrup


We spent yesterday afternoon at the British Columbia Forestry Discovery Centre wandering around and taking in the the Sapsuckers. Who exactly are the Sapsuckers? It might sound like a punk band or some alternative living community but these hardy folks produce maple syrup from the Bigleaf Maple, a common tree in the Pacific Northwest. Most of us […]


Totems and Snow


I made the mistake about 2 months ago of mentioning to Cherie that I wanted to photograph Duncan’s totem poles after a snowfall. Little did I know that we would still have snow on the ground almost 10 weeks later. Not exactly what I had in mind. At least I did manage to photograph the […]