Field Notes

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens Christmas

Butchart Gardens in Victoria is well known for the expanisive flower gardens and summer fireworks. The most impressive dislpay however is during the Christmas season when they turn on thousands of lights, create an outdoor skating rink and basically have festive cheer. I managed to visit twice over the Christmas vacation and shot lots of […]



Cool front door spider by the Japanese maple

This cute little fellow is hanging out by my front door. I looked up at him (her?) and thought the Japanese plum added a bit of life to a possible image. Nothing fancy here, shot with the Sigma 150mm macro.


More fall photos

Fall apples at Roesland on North Pender Island

Another decent weather day so I headed down to Roesland on North Pender Island in search of mushrooms to photograph. The end result is that I didn’t photograph any mushrooms, instead concentrating on the gorgeous fall colours and everything from small berries to large maple trees.


Two falls in a year

Fall maples reflected in the Koksilah River, Cowichan Valley

I’ve been very fortunate this year in being able to enjoy fall twice. Fall is my favourite time of year, always has been in fact. The kids are back in school with the resulting quieter roads, the weather tends to be beautiful in the pacific northwest and the hectic days of shooting during the summer […]


Fall Colours

Fall colours in Quebec

I commented a couple of weeks ago about being a little bit early for the beautiful fall colours in Quebec. On my drive back to Montreal I pulled off the freeway for about half an hour and shot some fall foliage images. A few more days and it would have been better but this doesn’t […]


What’s in my bag?

This is a question that I’m asked often and it’s a hard one to answer. When I travel I tend to “travel light”, often only carrying one body and 2 lenses plus assorted other paraphernalia. When I have the luxury of travvelling by car or boat I tend to carry more, closer to what I […]


Pimp Your Cow or ….

Pimp your cow

The fall fair season has come and gone on the west coast of Canada. I only photographed one fall fair this year (I really don’t need more fall fair photos, a search of my database brings up over 4,000) and it’s likely the best on southern Vancouver Island, Cobble Hill.  I still enijoy photographing the action […]


The right place at the wrong time!

North Hatley, Quebec

Have you ever felt that you were in the right place to shoot photographs that you have only dreamed of doing, only to have an airplane flight leaving right before the action actually happens? That’s the case today where I’m sitting in the warm sun on the Vermont and Quebec border surrounded by the early […]



Montreal Windows

I spent the afternoon wandering around an older area of Montreal, photographing architecture and other items of interest. Great city!


Aerial Art

Chemainus River Estuary, Vancouver Island, BC

I’m spending a number of days this summer doing aerial photography on Vancouver Island. Many of the images are the typical aerial views of the beautiful bays and towns that dot the coastline but I’m also working on a body of work that is slightly more artistic. A few samples are below.


Motocross madness

Nanaimo Wastelands Motocross Nationals

You know summer is really here when the national motocross rolls into town. I haven’t photographed a high speed event like this for quite a few years so was pleasantly surprised at the quality of images that I was able to produce. You have to give credit where it is due however; these new dslr’s […]



The Bounty

I was very fortunate in being able to join the crew of the Bounty as they brought the boat in during the Parade of Sail on Thursday. Captain Robin Walbridge made my visit a very special experience, many thanks.The Bounty was built in 1960 for MGM studios Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando. The […]


Tubing on the Cowichan River

Cowichan River tubing, Duncan, BC

You can tell that summer has finally arrived in the Cowichan Valley when pickup trucks full of inner tubes start driving in front of my house towards the upper reaches of the Cowichan River. Some day I’ll try and photograph one of these trucks as they should have overwidth load signs attached. I’ve always wondered […]


Victoria Tall Ships are coming

Hawaiian Chieftain at Victoria Tall Ships 2008

The tall ships are coming to Victoria this weeknd for what should be an amazing event. I’m planning on spending at least a few days photographing these magnificient vessels and hopefully catching a ride on a few of them. More information is available at Victoria Tall Ships. I’ll be posting photos as soon as possible. […]


Fishing the Cowichan River

Fishing on the Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Looks relaxing. I even saw a kid with a real fish the other day.


Holy Cow – well buffalo really

Cowichan Valley water buffalo at Fairburn Farm

Water buffalo are pretty cool. I had the opportunity to photograph these gentle souls at Fairburn Farm in the Cowichan Valley this past week. This is a herd of approximately 45 animals, living a gentle life and providing milk for the cheese industry. Darrel and Anthea Archer are the wonderful folks behind this operation, rising […]


Gulls and the D300

Victoria Gull

I finally had a chance to use the new Nikon D300 with birds in flight while making the journey from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles in Washington on the Coho ferry. All I can say is WOW! The new focus system is amazing in tracking and locking onto an object. I also noticed that the […]


Nikon 17-55mm f2.8

Maple Leaf with Frost

I recently picked up a used Nikon 17-55 f2.8 lens and finally had a chance to shoot something other than party photos. My first impression is that the Nijkon 17-55 lens is big. It sure looks big with the lens hood on anyways. Fortunately it balances very well with both the Nikon D2X and Nikon […]


30 Minutes, 27 Seconds – Santa Ship

Santa Ship, Hope Bay, North Pender Island

The annual visit of the Bellingham Lions Santa Ship lasted all of 30 minutes and 27 seconds for me. I know this is an odd way to look at an event but it brought up an interesting discussion about the photography profession a few days ago. Many photography jobs are dictated by a particular length […]


Santa arrives in the Gulf Islands

Santa Ship arriving at Pender Island

Santa arrived in the Gulf Islands yesterday by boat, not by sleigh as he does in so much of the world. This must be Santa’s 53rd? yearly visit to the Gulf Island’s children, courtesy of the Bellingham Lions in Washington State. The weather was absolutely stunning so a huge crowd turned out on Pender Island […]


Nikon D300 – Wow!

Queen of Nanaimo at dusk

I’ve been waiting for the day when I could afford to have 2 good quality digital cameras again. About 4 months ago Nikon announced what appeared to be the perfect answer to my requirements. The D300 has the same resolution as my high end D2X, newer generation electronics and something I was really interested in, […]


Vietnam Pots

Mekong Delta Pots

A recent theme on this blog has involved travel to warm climates or the thought of it anyways. The days are becoming short and very gloomy in British Columbia so it always feels good to revisit old photos. I just spent some time going through the photographs I shot in 2006 in the Mekong Delta in […]



Costa Rica iguana

It struck me that no iguana photographs have ever made it into my blog. What a shame. These guys are very cool and can grow to huge sizes making you think that you’re back in some prehistoric age. Anyways, I’m solving this lack of iguana photos by posting a few from Costa Rica. Watch out!


4 minutes, 57 seconds


Photography is about light. I’m always a little surprised when I see photographers rushing around trying to capture scenery, only to complain at a later date that none of their images have “magic” to them. Five minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time to work with but as a photographer much can be accomplished […]